Thankful Thursday – The Ultimate Garage Sale

It’s difficult to find an audience for your online wares. When people found Lisa’s Pieces, they liked our tables, lamps and found treasures, but translating that into sales wasn’t easy. We ended up with a lot of unsold stuff simply because we couldn’t find enough of the right people. 

Enter Leah, owner of The Ultimate Garage Sale. We first met her a few years ago when she opened her shop on Exeter Rd. here in London. She’s an artist, a designer, and arranger. She has a keen eye for style and trends and when she moved into a bigger shop on Wharncliffe Rd., we struck up a business relationship. We take her stuff, she sells it, and everybody wins. Her large, engaged following seems to like what we do.

We’ve sold dozens of original pieces and rare finds at Leah’s store and forged a wonderful working bond.

Leah also has items from other artisans and found stuff from pickers. She has an amazing eye for unusual beauty and we’re glad to have found her. She’s not about pricing everything at top dollar just to have it sit for months. She’s about reasonable prices and making people happy. We like her style. The Ultimate Garage Sale is on Facebook and HERE with fresh photos every few days.

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