Water Babies

huge, grey rocks in the foreground followed by a nicely sloping shore into water. The other side of the river is visible but not in detail.

Anthropologists probably have something deep and insightful to say about why Derek and I are drawn to water. All we know is that we feel calmer and happier around a body of water of just about any kind. Bigger than a puddle but not necessarily an ocean. 

Our road trip last week took us to various water bodies, from the St. Croix River off the Bay of Fundy, to a shore of the Atlantic Ocean. We love to walk along beaches and rocky shorelines and boardwalks – however the water is presented is quite alright with us.

It was an uneventful and easy drive through Quebec to Maine to New Brunswick. For sustenance, we stopped at little roadside eateries including Eagle’s Nest on the water, just outside Bangor. This was the closest magazine cover to our table proclaiming the tiny restaurant the home of Bangor’s best lobster roll for the past decade or so. When in Rome…

Framed magazine covers proclaiming Eagle's Nest restaurant one of the best in Maine and as having the best lobster roll in the state

Was it the best? Who knows! It was the biggest I’ve ever had, that’s for sure. I loaded up Derek’s burger with some of my lobster and still had my fill. We love these little mom and pop shops. We also love McDonald’s for their strong coffee and free Wifi.

In New Brunswick we visited a bunch of small towns well away from the historic flooding in Saint John and Fredericton. Our travels took us to St. Andrews, McAdam and St. Stephen.

huge, grey rocks in the foreground followed by a nicely sloping shore into water. The other side of the river is visible but not in detail.

On our way home, we made a little detour to one of our favourite places, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. As we left the main highway for the town limits, we encountered thick fog and a steep drop in temperature. Still, we think the Atlantic is beautiful in any weather.

Hampton Beach is very well planned and managed. Only a boardwalk follows alongside the ocean with no buildings allowed. A wide parking lot separates the water side from the hotel-retail-and-restaurant side. Everybody gets a great view and easy access to the beach. The only exception is in the centre of town where there’s a beautiful beach-side bandshell for concerts.This was the view from our suite. Only a few shops were open and a handful of brave souls on the sand. We walked the entire length of the boardwalk and came back wet, chilled and smiling.

rough waves coming in to shore. The view is from a second floor balcony and overlooks a parking area before the water

There’s just something about the water. Whether it’s evolutionary and built into our DNA or just something we happen to enjoy, the water – any water – keeps bringing us back for more.

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