Another Trip Around the Sun

My brother doesn’t like to get stuff for his birthday. I’ll see something or another I think he would like but I know better than to buy it. 

But he’s going to get a card every year whether he likes it or not! We try to keep it amusing. However, I had to go with more subtle message this year. I couldn’t find anything I thought was funny enough so I doctored my own.

Card for a 4-year old has been altered to look like it's for a 54 year old! "For a special 54 year old!"

That’s one way to make him feel like a kid again! Unfortunately, it was SO subtle that he didn’t catch it until I pointed it out. Next time, I won’t try to match the colour or font!

Happy Birthday brother!

2 thoughts on “Another Trip Around the Sun”

  1. I love that Kevin is so young at heart that he thinks a dancing dog would really adorn a 54-year-old’s card! LOL Maybe we should get in the card making biz and specialize in boomers with whimsical sensibilities!

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