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Many meat-eaters are choosing to go meatless now and then. There’s enough evidence that shows eating a steady diet of meat can have a detrimental effect to your body and the planet. And there are so many alternatives now.

When I was vegetarian for three years, it was largely against my will. I simply couldn’t get anything animal-based past my teeth. Back then, it was rare to find a decent burger for a vegetarian. I distinctly remember eating a restaurant veggie burger, my only option on the menu, that was literally made of squished-together vegetables.

I’m not a fan of eating animals but it’s what my body craves. I always say I’m one bite away from becoming vegetarian again. When something is put on my plate that looks like it did in life, I have to talk myself out of not eating just carrots forever.

Beyond Meat logo is the words in bold black with a red outline and a fork in the O

Reasonable Vegan podcaster Marty Menard recently appeared on our radio show and talked about the Beyond Meat burger and I was intrigued. It’s outselling meat in some California grocery stores, and beating all sales expectations in North America. So, when A & W announced it was adding Beyond Meat to its roster of burgers, we had to try them. They’re plant-based, contain no soy, gluten or GMO ingredients and claim to satisfy meat-eaters. The company’s in-store strategy has been brilliant, too; display them alongside beef patties so the alternative is right in your face.

Sidenote: I’ve never understood why grocery stores segregate similar foods just because of ingredients. They make you go to the other end of the store to a special weirdos section to get rice pasta or gluten-free cereal. Put them all together! It’s how we live! But I digress. Back to the burger.

It came with giant slices of onion which I needed to remove. The smell of the burger got on my fingers and … I didn’t enjoy it. In fact, I didn’t like the way the bag smelled in the car. Isn’t that one of the best parts of getting take-out? The aromas that waft from the bag as you anticipate your meal. I’m not sure I can describe it other than to say it was a manufactured smell, like a cologne gone wrong.

It’s important to note here that Derek disagrees with me. He thinks it’s either my imagination or my olfactory senses experienced a glitch.

The burger tasted fine, although it doesn’t touch a Lick’s burger for being meat-like or satisfying. However, Lick’s is down to three GTA locations now and I haven’t seen their patties in stores for years. Out of all of the veggie and non-meat burgers I’ve eaten, Beyond Meat is still a good one. But you have to satisfy the nose as well as the tummy. My experience calls for a second taste-test which I’m only too willing to try!


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  1. I had one recently. Although the delivery got it here just a bit cold, it was still delicious. I thought Harvey’s had the only decent one, but this trumps theirs. Fabulous burger. Environmentally conscious because as any PETA video will show you, factory farms and slaughterhouses are a total nightmare for water tables etc., not to mention cruel. Good blog, Lisa!!

  2. Love the new format, Lisa! Also – I find it galling just how high the calorie count in some meatless burgers (like Lick’s when you could buy them in the grocery store) can be. We love a meatless burger at Harvey’s cause to me it’s all about the pickles! And yes, as McCartney fans, we’ve adopted the Meatless Monday tradition. Works for us and we try new things!

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