Treading Water and Diving In

I’m taking off my water wings now. Last week was so busy, I didn’t have time to wave my own arms to stay afloat. Busy is good.

It’s all because of that Murphy guy and his law. On a week when I was hosting the morning show alone (which also means booking, researching and fetching guests) my voice-work business was also booked solid. I’m grateful for the work – always – but you watch, this week, when my schedule is more relaxed, the jobs won’t come. It’s the nature of life and work, isn’t it?

For some unknown reason, last week was all about cars. Two major projects were e Learning programs for sellers of high-end vehicle brands. Another was a soon-to-be-released feature for a popular vehicle-selling website that’s still confidential. Still another had to do with the operation of forklifts and heavy machinery. If it has wheels, I was talking about it last week.

So, we cut loose on the weekend! We wheeled our way up to water to look at vacation properties for sale. It’s something we’ve been doing every chance we get. Our budget is modest and there are plenty of million-dollar cottages and homes available, if you’ve got that kind of money to spend. We also attempted to surprise our friend Jeff in Bayfield for his birthday, at dinner arranged by our friend Laurie, his wife. However, Jeff can’t be surprised. He always knows something is up. Saturday was a perfect night for dinner and laughter on the shore of Lake Huron.

Birthday boy Jeff and his wife Laurie behind Derek and me, with our friend Carole beside Derek. We're at an outdoor table on a patio with clear sky and trees behind us.
Birthday boy Jeff and Laurie, me, Derek and Carole.

And then there’s the new book. On the advice of my publishing friends at Hibbert and Stiles, I approached Chapters/Indigo in London about stocking a few copies. Chapters sells the book online but doesn’t have it in stores. If they agree, it will probably mean holding a book-signing, too.  I’ve heard from many people who would like to buy it locally. If Chapters doesn’t bite, I’ll keep looking for a local seller who will.

Last week I did a Facebook Live interview and a podcast with Kevin Bulmer.  I’ve known Kevin a long time and in addition to being a rock-solid friend and great guy, he’s setting an admirable example of creating the life you want. His message, delivered in keynote speeches and through coaching, speaks to me: Be real. Keep it simple. Run your own race.  It dovetails nicely with my advice in Make the Media Want You, not by design, really, but by authenticity. Perhaps that’s why he and I get along well, and he and Derek have been such good friends since long before I came along. Podcast link to come. If you’re in marketing, run a business or just want to be more effective at sales, it might be for you!

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