The Artist Deep Within

No throwback today, and it’s not a Thankful Thursday, even though I’m always thankful, but I want to show you something our friend Jane Charbonneau created. 

I call Jane a friend and I think of her as one but the truth is, I don’t know her all that well. Derek and I know her husband and spent a lot of time with him over the years. Until he had to give up riding, Thane Silliker was one of those motorcyclists who was in an elite endurance class. An Iron Butt (read more about what that means HERE), in his presence, I’d call myself Copper Butt. I ought to have been Cream Puff Butt, but I wanted to stick to metals for effect. Thane and Derek rode around Labrador together and for a while, Thane was a fixture in our lives. He gave me some of the best riding advice of anyone we know.

Jane is a veterinarian and the couple share a menagerie of animals at their rural property. In recent years, Jane discovered that she was an artist at heart.  She is a truly gifted painter and one day, one of her pieces leaped out at me on Facebook and I had to have it. Here it is, after framing.

a red mountain reflected in ice-blue water with a dark blue sky and white clouds. Although it's pastel, it's very vivid

I usually insist on either boring neutrals or a metallic frame but this painting’s vivid colours called out for blue. The frame is actually textured, like faux leather. I love it and I think it makes Jane’s beautiful work pop.

Jane’s artwork is on her Facebook page. But if you’re not her Facebook friend, I guess you’ll just have to wait for her to get hugely famous and then you’ll be able to see her paintings everywhere. Or you could just buy mine for $1-million IF I decide to sell. It makes me happy, in a way that only art can do.

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  1. That’s gorgeous. What medium does she use – is that acrylics or oils? Lovely. And the frame only enhances, doesn’t detract, just as the perfect frame should! Nice choice of colour.

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