The Ultimutt Radio Show

On air and talking into the microphone with brown and white Boston Terrier Pickles on my lap

Meet Pickles. Pickles is about to become a famous dog. He’s not just a performer, he’s a bit of a miraculous survivor. 

Bella lives with Pickles and a bunch of other dogs, at the home of dog trainer Melissa Milett of In Dogs We Trust. She was on CJBK with us yesterday for our Ask Me Anything segment.

Melissa has been training dogs for twenty years. She created the Ultimutts dog show that travels the province, performing at fairs and other events. She’s a beautiful, engaging soul who truly loves what she does. In addition to seven dogs, Melissa also has a performing Bengal cat named Sashimi who was raised with dogs and thinks she’s one of them.

Three years ago, Melissa nearly lost Pickles for good. Melissa and the Ultimutts were involved in a high-speed rollover crash, and Pickles, along with another dog named Butters, panicked and ran from the scene – onto the 401. Sadly, Butters was killed. Pickles eluded capture for eleven long hours, running alongside the median. Finally an animal control officer was able to capture him and his survival was a bright spot in an otherwise devastating day.

Melissa’s dogs have just wrapped up shooting in a major movie. They’re no strangers to film and TV but Melissa hints that this is going to be a big one. Pickles sat on my lap for some of the radio show and was very affectionate.Bella and Pickles, Boston Terriers. Pickles has headphones around his neck. I’ll be able to brag that I was French-kissed by a movie star!

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