Giving Thanks and Thanking Givers

I can’t remember how many times my birthday has actually fallen on Thanksgiving Day. I could look it up, I suppose, but that would mean moving around after eating so much turkey and pie, so, that’s not going to happen. It was a wonderful day and I feel especially blessed. 

In addition to the cake (thanks Mom!) and the singing (thanks family!) and the social media attention, my husband gave me something I’ve been eyeing for a while.

Silver vinyl chair on a metal base. Chair is one big molded piece with arms and a backrest that comes loosely around the side of the head. Its a big char!

It’s a banana chair based on a retro, mid-century style, that swivels and can rock with the pull of a lever. On Monday morning I sat in it for a ridiculous length of time, waiting for Derek to come upstairs just so I could swivel around and say, “I’ve been expecting you, Bond”.

If you live in London and love vintage and unique furniture, check out Cobbletogs on Exeter Rd. beside Len’s Mill. This chair is brand new at a not-brand-new price. It’s a massive place and they have tons of great stuff.  I employed the classic “we’re not sure…” technique and got 10% off. That one acting class I took has really paid off.

My brother sent me a cryptic text: Do you like tuna? I replied in the affirmative and forgot all about it. He presented me with a gift at Thanksgiving dinner. Tuna, presented here beside a regular can, for perspective. Yes, that says 1.8 kg.

1.8 kg can of tuna beside a regular can of tuna, which is dwarfed by comparison

He also emailed a large selection of tuna recipes which, clearly, I’m going to need.

We also enjoyed a delicious sweet potato pie that Ken Eastwood made from scratch. He gets sudden urges to bake and generously shares the results. Recently, he made giant peanut butter cups and chocolate pastries. He’s a talented man!

Earlier on the weekend, I discovered that my attempt at humour didn’t hit the mark with a grocer. Amused by the Jerk chicken at Loblaws, I attempted a little play on words.

.Tweet says "You'd be a jerk too if someone flattened you and then bragged about it. I couldn't find one "nice" one in the entire cooler!" The image is a close-up of the Jerk chicken label.

My aim was to pretend I didn’t know Jerk was a type of spice, and that all of the chickens were jerks – there were no nice ones! As if they were labelled according to personality. Loblaws didn’t get it.

Loblaws responds with a panicked tweet about how sorry they are for my experience and asking for the store number etc. I responded by saying, I was trying to make a joke, you know, jerk chicken and nice chicken! I ended with a self-deprecating comment that it's not funny if I have to explain it.

Sorry Loblaws and anyone else who thought I was complaining about the chicken! I had actually purchased this one and tossed it in my freezer for future enjoyment. Comedy is hard, folks!  They didn’t even “like” my response. I felt like a bit of a jerk.

Chicken, turkey – the weekend was for the birds! This flightless chick is mighty grateful for another trip around the sun.


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