A (Film) Star is Born

screen shot from A Star is Born. Lady Gaga as Ally performs on stage for the first time while Jack (Bradley cooper) plays guitar and watches in admiration

This review is only about a month late – not bad! It’s the earliest late review I’ve written in some time. We celebrated my first day without needing a nap by going to a matinee of A Star is Born. 

Everyone seems to be going gaga over Lady Gaga’s performance in her big screen debut, and I’ll agree. But Bradley Cooper is astonishingly good as an alcoholic, drug-addicted, failing music star. Why should you be astonished, Lisa? He’s an Oscar-winning actor. True, but that doesn’t always mean one can do everything. As proof I offer Cuba Gooding Jr., Nicholas Cage and Tim Robbins. However, Cooper apparently can do everything including direct, co-write and co-produce while starring and singing, with beautiful, honest voice.

Lady Gaga is delightful and I fully expect her to get an Academy Award nomination but Cooper should get one as well. Side note: Jon Peters co-produced this new version; he produced the 1976 film, too.

You probably know the bones of the story. An established music superstar discovers an unknown talent and her star rises as his fades. But the new version has been tweaked and updated. It’s similar, but not the same. And I cried – despite my best efforts, I cried! And that voice. Lady Gaga is the real thing. She might wear a dress made of meat to grab attention but she has depth as well as rare talent. Sam Elliot is wonderful as always. If you don’t already know, I won’t tell you who plays Gaga’s father. Derek didn’t even recognize him.

The on-stage shots are fantastic. The blur of performing, and addiction, captured perfectly. Bradley Cooper isn’t just a movie star, he’s a movie maker. I can’t wait to see what he does next. Meantime, this song has haunted me – in a good way – since I saw the film. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “A (Film) Star is Born”

  1. We went and thought…okay…then came home and watched the 1954 James Mason/Judy Garland version and the 1976 Streisand/Kristofferson offering. And then, having seen what had come before, we went to ASiB again. Blown away the second time – so much more to appreciate once your jaw comes off the soda-sticky floor. Glad you enjoyed it. So much quality on every level and to be surprised at the theatre these days is a true gift!

  2. Alex Paylor

    In the midst of a hurricane of trying to get sorted here we have talked about going to see it but haven’t done so yet. I am going to see if we can see it before it leaves town. I very much enjoyed the Striesand and Kristofferson version. I’m a big Kristofferson fan as an artist, songwriter and a person in recovery from his addictions.
    I’ll let you know what we think. Thanks for the review.

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