Fantastic Freedom Friday!

hands on the wheel of a car, and the dashboard, with blue sky and a clear road ahead

Long before my recent life/work changes, we had planned an amazing trip that will lead us to Erin Davis and hubby Rob. That trip begins tomorrow. Today, we settle the house-sitter in, tell Miss Sugar what’s up, and pack. Tomorrow, we flee! This odyssey involves some air travel, some road travel and at the other end, warm weather and laughter with our favourite couple.  If it’s possible, I’ll post some pictures here before we return.

Once we get back, it’s all hands on deck for our move.

So bear with me! I skipped summer holidays this year in order to save up vacation time for this trip. I didn’t know then that I wouldn’t need to. But I’m ready for this break, and so is Derek.

I’ll leave you with a few tales from our decluttering/packing/moving adventure. I think I’ve mentioned that we already have possession of the Wallaceburg house, which is such a relief. We’ve been able to go there with trailers full of boxes and non-essentials. A big moving day will still happen, but the pressure is off. We already have the keys, and a head start on nesting.

This happened:

My light-hearted tweet about the fact that Derek packed the packing tape and I had to go and buy more

We apparently have several rolls of packing tape packed at the new place. And several newly purchased rolls here, you know, for packing.

The next house has a beautiful gas fireplace but we can’t find the switch. I crawled around, looking up inside of it – but why would you put a switch inside the fireplace? It’s not outside. It has to be somewhere. But we have since learned that the previous owners never used it. This fireplace is one of the things I imagine us using often. Google suggests it might be operated by a key in the floor. I’ll investigate that on our next visit.

And I could not have imagined the response to this tweet:

tweet asking for boxes because 'the LCBO has let me down'

A Londoner named Liz responded almost immediately and let me and Derek come over and pick up a huge stack of U-Haul boxes – the good ones. Another woman – Amanda – dropped off a bunch of great boxes. I finally had to say thanks, but no more boxes, please! The London Free Press chose this as their “tweet of the day” for the next day’s paper. People are good. They come through when you need ’em. That’s my belief and I’m sticking to it!


3 thoughts on “Fantastic Freedom Friday!”

  1. Hi Lisa, our fireplace doesn’t have a switch on the wall. The panel on the lower part of the fireplace flips down. Behind the panel there are 2 knobs; one which controls the gas and the other controls the fan. Yours could be similar. Hope that helps.

    Enjoy your well deserved getaway. Hugs to you all.,

    1. Thanks Brenda! I googled it too and there might be a “key” in the floor as well. I hope one of these is right – otherwise it’s just a big pile of logs. LOL

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