Dear House Bidders

You’re a wonderful young couple who wrote a heart-felt letter along with your bid for our house. We were moved by your excitement about our home and empathized with how long you’d looked for the perfect place to start your family. Your words really did move us. 

The house closes today.  By now, we’re sure you’ve gotten over not winning the little bidding war. In fact, we hope you’re relieved that things turned out the way they did. But we want you to know that we wished things could have been different.

You shared your hearts with us; now we’ll share ours.

If it had been a matter of a few thousand dollars, we would have been happy to turn down other offers and let you have this home. But there was a wide gap – more than half of the substantial realtor commission – and it would have been foolish of us to dismiss it. It had to be about the money.

We both started over when we were in our forties and were late out of the gate on our relationship. This house was our biggest asset and in order to carry on with the future we envision, we had to get as much out of it as we could. 

It’s been our experience that when things don’t go your way, they end up turning out for the best. We hope this was the case for you. We know it was a struggle to come up with the amount you offered. Being house poor is a terrible way to live. Make sure you have enough wiggle room for experiences apart from painting and fixing and taxes and everything else that goes along with owning property. Live. Be happy. And thank you for opening up to us. We’re sorry we had to disappoint you. 

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