Editing My Own News

Scrolling through Twitter a few mornings ago, it occurred to me that I no longer have to follow Premier Doug Ford.

As host of a news/talk radio morning show, it was part of the job to keep up with what the Premier put out on social media. Now, I don’t have to know the instant that he shares his (sometimes idiotic) thoughts. Or at all, if I don’t want to. Same with anyone else including a certain Cheeto-coloured President. The freedom of choice is intoxicating!

Instead of scrolling past the video of a horse that makes hospital visits on my way to harder news, I watched it. The horse decides which rooms to go into. He’s gentle and affectionate. It’s awesome.

My social media minutes are now filled with moments I choose to ingest, not ones I have to. I drink in Arlene Dickinson’s positive tweets and actually have time to search for them.  My mornings allow me to linger on People.com and NYPost.com to absorb the crime stories and celebrity powder-puff tidbits I so enjoy.

The highs aren’t as high as when Ken and I laughed ourselves silly in the studio. But the news-inspired lows aren’t as low and the outrage button rarely gets pushed. It feels healthier. As healthy as a hospital horse. Enjoy:

5 thoughts on “Editing My Own News”

  1. Doug Ford not Rob. I can understand the mistake…they are both related to a horses a$$.

  2. I love this – me, too. I’ve gradually been unfollowing Toronto news services (or people who tweet about the news) on Twitter as I no longer need the information/aggravation. I’m SO glad not to be living in DoFo’s Ontario. The trick to sanity, I find, is allowing only the news I want to get in. This doesn’t mean not considering other sides or parties’ opinions, but I don’t have to inundated with negativity 24/7 any more or to pretend to care what a Kardashian thinks about ANYTHING. So grateful. Good luck with the move!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I’ve read your blog for a few years (brought here via link from Erin’s journal) now but never commented. I thought you would want to know that I think you made a typo in today’s blog….Doug Ford is our premiere (for better or for worse!!), not Rob Ford. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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