The Face of Elder Abuse

This post is general and it’s personal. My former mother-in-law has had her life savings, and even her wedding rings, stolen by a couple of family members. Close ones. The ones she would never suspect would treat her like she no longer mattered. I would love to name them and shame them and hunt them down. But it’s not my place.

That’s the place of my ex-husband Wray. He posted a video of his Mom, who’s in her nineties and has dementia, on Facebook. It’s her reaction as she fully realizes that she has nothing left. A few minutes later, she will forget. But Wray can’t forget because it’s up to him to get her money back. This is salvo number one. The criminals need to do the right thing and start returning her money or he will escalate the campaign.

Not only did these close relatives drain their matriarch of everything she had, they left Wray holding the bag. Payment for his Mother’s long-term care home bounced on Christmas Eve. There was no money left to cover it. This elderly woman, who never hurt a flea, is mostly unaware of the peril she is in while her son scrambles to keep her sheltered and properly cared for. It’s tempting to tell you all about Elsie and why she doesn’t deserve what’s happened to her but it really doesn’t matter because NO ONE deserves it. It’s betrayal beyond understanding.

If you are on Facebook, please watch the video and read the story HERE. And please share it. The perpetrators know it’s out there and the more eyes that see it, the more pressure it puts on them to come clean. There is more going on behind the scenes that answers the obvious questions you may have about calling police, etc. As I said, this is step one. Abuse like this shouldn’t happen to anyone. Let’s help put a face to it.

4 thoughts on “The Face of Elder Abuse”

  1. This is so terrible, I hope these people are taken to court and charged with this crime. I have a cousin who did this to my parents and he’s been banned from our lives.

    1. Thanks for your comment Ursula. I’m shocked by how many people know someone who did this. I can’t imagine how anyone would justify it to themselves. I’d like to see these two in jail but more than that, they should pay the money back and return the rings – if they even still have them. Disgusting, awful people I used to call family.

  2. Stacey Thompson

    Lisa, I’m angry and disgusted that people are so evil and selfish. As someone with a mother who is bedridden and rapidly losing her memory, I fear this happening all the time from outside workers & staff. I can’t even fathom what I’d do if this happened from someone in our family. I hope Wray and his Mom will be okay.

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