Fan Fest for Erin Davis

Forty-something woman with very short hair, wearing a long-sleeved mint-green top sitting at a round table covered in a long, white tablecloth, while Erin Davis looks at her, listening to her question. The heads of many attendees are in the bottom of the frame.

What a wonderful weekend! Cousin Kim and I attended Erin Davis’s first book signing/interview for Mourning Has Broken, ahead of its official release on Tuesday.

It’s true, I see and communicate with Erin on a pretty-much daily basis, but this was fun on a whole different level. We made a mini-cousin-weekend out of it for Derek, Kim and Kim’s brother Mike – as well as their spouses/our cousins Rhonda and Jeff. And we all got some bonus time with Erin and Rob.

The huge room at Wooden Sticks was jammed. Saturday’s event had been added after tickets for the first one on Sunday sold out in a flash. Stacks of books tumbled like Jenga pieces as everyone purchased one or more copies for Erin to sign. Best-selling author Susanna Kearlsey interviewed Erin and she was obviously a fan of Erin’s radio shows and her daily journal.

The cover of Erin's book is light blue with a hummingbird on it

Milling about in various line-ups I overheard several conversations about my wonderful friend. She is beloved. The reasons for that are many, but here’s an example. Erin can only sign books that were purchased at that particular event. That’s not her rule, it’s the nature of the beast. So she made sure to tell people in advance, so they didn’t end up buying one online and then having to purchase another one for signing. Fans who pre-ordered were able to cancel their online orders and buy their book – for a $5 discount with a ticket – at the event. Some authors wouldn’t have cared. “Let them buy two!” But that’s not Erin’s way. She truly cares about people and it shows in everything she does.

I was surprised to be recognized by attendees, some by my voice and some from my close proximity to Erin in various journals and social media posts. And this was before Erin pointed me out from the stage! I’m sort of a Gayle to her Oprah, and it’s a place of honour that I cherish.

With wit, poise, lots of laughter and her strongest asset – Rob – Erin was as wonderful and engaging as you’d wish. For us, the best part was that despite the truly crazy schedule of the next couple of weeks, Rob and Erin joined us all for dinner at Tin Mill in Uxbridge. (Lovely restaurant, excellent Spaghetti Carbonara!) Again, this was Kim’s doing – the reservations, the planning and coordinating: she’s the best!

A view of the 8 or us around the table at the Tin Mill restaurant.
Clockwise: Derek, Kim, Jeff, Rhonda, Mike, Rob, Erin and me. People I love from different worlds coming together over a wonderful dinner.

So, off Erin and Rob go to a packed schedule of meet-and-greets and interviews. The book is already in its second printing and it isn’t even out until tomorrow! Watch for Erin this morning (7:30am) on BT Toronto, on upcoming editions of CityLine, The Marilyn Denis Show and many others. Erin will keep you apprised on her journal. Having only read an early draft of Mourning Has Broken, I can’t wait to dive in. I hope you will too.

3 thoughts on “Fan Fest for Erin Davis”

  1. Lisa, you are very lucky to have such a wonderful person like Erin to call your “friend”! She is such an inspiration to all of us that don’t know her personally like you do, but feel like we do! Her book is the best book I have ever read and will no doubt be a bestseller! Enjoy her book!

  2. A truly wonderful weekend! It was such a joy to see/hear Erin (and Rob) talk about “Mourning Has Broken” at Wooden Sticks. Then to have them join us for dinner was exceptional. And to share everything with you and Derek made it so meaningful. Thanks Lisa!!

  3. I couldn’t love you more, Gayle – er, I mean Lisa! You make me proud every day and I’m so grateful to be your friend. With Love and Thanks, Erin

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