Thankful Thursday – My Not-so-Little Little

Ryker and Vienna in a white teepee about six feet tall, both reading books. The teepee is set up on a dark laminate floor in their living room

A blog is like a diary. Even if the entries aren’t about you, they still chronicle what you were thinking and what was happening in the world. I spent a little time going over my posts from ten years ago and enjoyed some great memories.

We were still putting on The World of Motorcycles Expo in London. I was still writing my Sun Media column, House Proud, every two weeks. Domino Magazine – my favourite – shut down. (It has since made a comeback.) And a Hamilton newspaper, The Bay Observer, did a terrific story about what it’s like to be a Big Sister and a Little Sister.

At that time, Tabitha and I were just getting out of the organization because she had graduated high school. Her children, pictured above in the indoor/outdoor tent their Grandma Lisa got them for Christmas this year, hadn’t even been considered yet! I hadn’t talked about her by name because I felt it wasn’t my right. However, she had no such qualms.

I am a huge fan of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Tabitha and I are still great friends – family, even – and she is going to turn (gulp) thirty this year, with a family of her own, and a CPA designation in her future. If you’ve ever wondered what its like to be matched with a young stranger, this is our story: CLICK HERE.

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