Spring Bliss

trimmed garden in the background with a tiny pair of scissors in the foreground

Like bears coming out of hibernation, we spent our first day outside on Saturday in sunshine and 18-degree warmth. Other than writing a quick magazine article, and recording a couple of lines for an eLearning client in California, the weekend was mine.

It was glorious. Since moving to Wallaceburg in December, we’ve been consumed with the indoors. There’s also plenty to do outside. I trimmed back the front garden, we removed the decorative stumps (they rot and bring ants!) and Derek power-washed the deck. We also met a few neighbours and got the skinny on the ‘hood. Everyone is either retired or works from home. We’re not as original as we thought!

We haven’t managed to unearth my gardening tools. They’re somewhere, clearly marked, so they could be found quickly, of course. I miss my clippers but Derek came up with hedge trimmers and they worked just fine. This photo posted to Twitter was supposed to be a joke.

photo of the trimmed plants and grasses with a small pair of scissors in the foreground.

No one commented. They must feel sorry for me!

We also opened the lid on the roasting pan out back whose contents were a mystery. Derek recorded the unveiling for Facebook!

Me, wearing a pink hat and red gloves, leaning down to a roasting pan inside a plastic-covered outdoor shelving unit.
It was full of rocks and marbles for potting plants – whew!

There’s a large garden on the other side of the house and a patio with furniture left behind that’s been out all winter. The power-washer will get back to work soon and so will my clippers – if I ever find them. Welcome, spring! We missed you.

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  1. And oh the rewards when the “tidying” is all over. And then there are the inevitable trips to the Gardening department for more mulch and plants, of course to “fill in” all the bare spots.

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