The Jerk

Sugar sitting on the rug, looking up at the camera

Science has proven it. Your cat is a bit of a jerk.

If we’re honest, we cat owners will admit that our pet is kind of rude, by human standards. While everyone heaps kibbles of praise on dogs for their unending need to please their human partners, we know cats couldn’t care less. And now a study from Japan deems it so.

Researchers claim that, like dogs, cats recognize their own names. Their ear twitches and other physical reactions give them away. But unlike canines, felines don’t want you to think they notice, unless there’s food in your hands.

Dogs can understand up to one-thousand different words. So far, research has only been done on the cat’s own name. That doesn’t necessarily mean cats aren’t as smart. In fact, they might be even smarter since they know how to hide their feelings and manipulate their human friends. Jerks! (But jerks we love!)

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