Audiobook Availability

Cover of FIT for Success

My first audiobook – the first one I was hired for that’s legit, paid for and I’m proud of – is on the market!

Adrean Turner’s FIT for Success was fun to read. She’s a career coach, business consultant and has a long list of accomplishments and credits to her name. She also has her own “voice” and being the voice of her book was truly a privilege. I even found myself getting pumped up by her words as I read them!

The book is composed of the scripts of her popular podcast. It’s her best advice and motivation in bite-sized pieces. It’s available on a variety of book-related websites – you can buy it or borrow it here.

Now, Derek is producing a book I’m narrating. He contributes a couple of characters, and we have hired a couple of our voice-over recording friends to be involved as well. In it, I’m a UFO investigator who interviews several people who have had encounters with aliens – and an alien or two! It’s a much longer and, needless to say, a different kind of book.

I hope Adrean finds great success with this book, audiobook, and her career. Everything she does comes from a place of honesty and integrity. I’ve become a fan.

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