Credit Card Hack

credit card with coins on top of it

A few years ago, someone stole my credit card number and went on a shopping spree in Montreal. The bank deleted the charges. I went on with my life. But I thought something similar was happening over the weekend.

Like the rest of the province, we went to a couple of garden centre-type stores. Finally, we can plant some flowers. We also needed grass seeds and a lawnmower. When I attempted to make a credit card purchase at Home Depot, the little machine refused. It read “too many incorrect PIN attempts” without even asking for my PIN. Strange. I know my PIN. It wasn’t me who put the wrong one in. I tried again and got the same result. I like to use the card and pay it off right away. It gives me cash back! But I paid by debit.

I called the credit card issuer and asked if perhaps someone was trying to use my card and that’s where the incorrect PINs were getting racked up. However, she reminded me that they’d have to have my physical card in order to do that, and it’s always with me. Regardless, I was advised to go to an ATM within 72 hours to reset my PIN.

Then it occurred to Derek that the problem was probably with the debit machine. Nothing else made any sense. For some unknown reason, the little gremlins inside the machine were throwing a tantrum. What a pain in the tuchus! Ain’t technology great? So, the next time you see someone making a major purchase at Home Depot by counting out nickels from a paper sack, please say Hi – it will be me!

3 thoughts on “Credit Card Hack”

  1. I can sympathize with you. I had the same thing happen at the LCBO with my Amex card. It said that the card was invalid or something to that effect. I tried 3 times and then the clerk says maybe I have gone over my limit. I was really embarrassed because there were others in line behind me. I paid by debit and called Amex when I got home. There was nothing wrong with my card and they said it was probably the machine which it was.

    1. Oh geez. I can imagine how that felt. Buying booze and having some clerk say you’ve maxxed out your card! I feel for you!

  2. I’ve had the experience where my card stopped working, but it wasn’t the machine or my pin. It was the chip in the card which contains all your access info which had died and worn out. Technology is great but it doesn’t last forever.

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