Throwback Thursday – (Arguably) The Best Music Video of All Time

A still shot from the Weapon of Choice video where Christopher Walken appears to be floating near a hotel wall

I was looking for something online and the Internet presented this fact to me: It’s been 18 years since Christopher Walken starred in Fat Boy Slim’s Weapon of Choice video.

Walken was 58-years-old when this was shot. Spike Jonze directed it. Although Walken’s made a career out of playing lots of sinister and creepy characters, he was trained in dance for musical theatre so his moves shouldn’t have come as a surprise. They weren’t to any of us who’ve seen him on SNL, making fun of himself, his accent, his career. He’s awesome.

I love this video. It’s just…joyous. VHI once named it the best of all time. Enjoy.

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