Audiobook Alert!

Snip of the audiobook page for Make. Cover is light blue with black lettering. Text says it can be downloaded for free with Audible trial or purchased for $8.71.

Months in the making, Make the Media Want You: An Insider’s Guide to Creating Persuasive Pitches, is now available in audiobook format.

There are some opportunities to listen to it for free. You’ll hear the likes of Erin Davis, Robyn Brady, Derek Botten, Jason White, Barb Botten and me. We’ll tell you our stories about public relations, radio, and marketing.

The first is, get it free with a trial subscription to Audible, Amazon’s audiobook arm. That’s open to anyone who enjoys audiobooks and would like to take their service for a spin.

The second offer comes from me. It’s open only to those who promise to review the audiobook afterward on Amazon. I have five single-use codes that allow a free download and will share them with people who will leave a review. I will follow up! This IS quid pro quo. I won’t tell you what to say, but I will insist that you say something if you use one of these codes. Indie authors (and all authors in general) rely heavily on reviews to attract readers and in this case, listeners.

Visit Audible for offer number one.

If you’d like door number two, please message me privately. And if you read or listen to a book – any book – please take a couple of moments and review it online. Even if you just use the star rating and don’t elaborate. It makes a difference, it gets noticed and it’s truly appreciated!

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