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I’ll admit it: I love a little gossip. Who is dating whom. Behind-the-scenes tidbits from shows and movies. I’m selective about where I’ll bag my trash about celebrities, though, because there’s an aspect of it that makes me truly feel sick to my stomach.

It’s the photos of supermodels and actresses who look like, well, supermodels and actresses just weeks after giving birth. They never accompany the truth: that the woman in question is either a genetic freak or she worked out for five hours a day with a personal trainer. Gisele was the worst. I can’t know whether she meant to sound like a mommy shamer, but she waxed on about how the weight “just fell off”. She was back in shape after 45 seconds or something ridiculous like that.

And then there’s Amy Schumer.

Amy Schumer napping with her infant on while a striped top rides up exposing her belly, in white pregnancy underwear from the hospital.
From Amy Schumer’s Pinterest page and

She jokes right now that she’ll wear, “hospital underwear for life”! She’s five weeks post-pregnancy and focusing on staying vigilant and looking after her child. This is what life is like for most new Moms. They don’t hand their infant off to a caregiver so they can make themselves and their abs the priorities. It’s not natural and it’s not affordable!

You’ll see more keeping-it-real photos of this new Mom in the People article. People online is one of the least guilty gossip/news sites when it comes to mommy shaming. I’ve never given birth but I’ve known a lot of moms and every time someone tries to glamourize giving birth by posing in high heels and a tight dress shortly after delivery, I want to give them a virtual slap. Show the makeup artist, the nanny, the trainer and the Spanx! Or simply show the hospital underwear and tell the truth. There’s a lot of love in those unglamorous photos of Amy, and it’s love for her baby, not her ego.

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