Spidey Senses

This is the kind of roommate Erin Davis is.

Last night as we were settling into our respective hotel beds, chatting about the day, something caught my eye and I shot up like a rocket.

From my vantage point, through sleepy eyes, I thought it was a large spider! Once I took a closer look, I realized my mistake – with great relief.

There was a bit of rustling over by the dresser and then this:

Erin McGyvered a cover for the offending “art”!

That’s Erin. She makes things better! And isn’t that what friends are for?

It’s been great to meet so many CHFI listeners and to find out how many now visit this blog, too. Erin has many more appearances this week – details are on her website: erindavis.com. I think I’ll leave the spider covering behind. Maybe someone will rethink their idea of ‘art’!

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