Cat People

This is not a time to go shopping for house stuff. When we’re about to pack it all up and we don’t even know where we’ll live between homes, adding to the cupboards isn’t advisable. But what about the walls?

Since we lost our beloved Spice last October, I’ve been trying to come up with a way to honour him. It had to be better than a framed snapshot, but I didn’t want to go as far as a commissioned painting. I thought about mounting a fave pic of him and Derek but I had taken it on Spice’s last day, and I decided it was too sad. Then along came Crown and Paw.

They take a photo of your pet and place them in a 19th-century Renaissance oil painting! Spice is now an Admiral. (The canvas is still in its wrapping.)

Spice wearing an admiral's coat, collar and appropriate brass buttons and decorations.
Admiral Spice

This was the thing I was waiting for. It’s whimsical but not goofy, and it gives our late lad the standing we feel he deserves. Miss Sugar will soon become a Duchess. We might be evolving into crazy cat people but if we draw the line at these two prints, we hope to remain accepted by the rest of society.

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