Bedtime Stories

Two young girls from Dover, Delaware love to read and they wanted to share that love. They begged their Mom to let them read bedtime stories every night on Facebook Live. They reasoned that other kids don’t have someone to read to them. The girls found it easier to fall asleep to a story and wanted to help other kids do the same. Their Mom agreed, with a strict list of rules.

*No responding to messages or comments before mom sees them first.
*Certain people you can’t follow back on social media.
*Abide by the household cell phone laws: No phones at the dinner table and no phones after 9 p.m.
*Don’t let fame get to your head.

Mom, Victoria, tells ABC News she’s been reading to her children since they “were in the womb”. Dad is in the Navy, and away for long periods of time. The project has given the girls a purpose for the summer, planning their books and choosing them at the local library. Now, they have more than 11,000 followers. And they’re becoming authors soon, too. It’s a sweet success story for a couple of children who are thinking about the happiness and comfort other kids. Their Mom is firmly in control – as she should be, considering that they’re using Facebook and Zaria and Hailey are just 13 and 8. Their favourites, by the way, are classics by Dr. Seuss,

If you know someone whose kids would like hearing a story every night, here is a link to the Facebook page:

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