Nosebleed Loophole

A couple went to a show at London’s Budweiser Gardens. It was a last-minute decision and they purchased seats in the only section available – the nosebleed section. Their heads were touching the ceiling. It was so high (how high was it?) Cheech and Chong were up there with them. They couldn’t see through the clouds. You get the idea.

The highest seats at Bud Gardens are on a steep slope. The couple later said that when they sat down, they felt pitched ahead like they were going to tumble several stories to the floor. Vertigo overwhelmed them both.

They carefully made their way to the lobby and found an usher. After explaining their predicament, the usher said, “No problem, follow me”. They were led down to the floor section and seated in the third row.

“Did someone not show up or something?”, asked the man.

“We save this row for people who can’t tolerate the steep seats”, the usher said.


a shot of the stage with the Def Leppard logo huge and lit up
The last show I saw at Bud Gardens was Def Leppard a couple of years ago.

You can pay the lowest price for the worst seats in the house, say you’re uncomfortable and get seated in the third row? That’s crazy talk!

The couple discovered this little secret by accident. But does this seem like a sound business decision to you? To seat last minute, low-paying people in front of those who paid several times more?

I’m not sure whether I’m sharing this as a money-saving tip or an oddity, but I wouldn’t be happy about it if I was sitting in row four or five. However, this couple is lovely and deserves a little perk. And those seats really are terrible. How terrible are they? Donald Trump called them, “A place where no human being would want to sit”!

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    The same thing happened to my husband and I a few years ago, at a Michael Buble concert at Bud Gardens. Out of the blue, an Usher came up just before the show started and took all 5 people in our nosebleed row to seats in the first section on the floor that they had apparently added. We were ecstatic and it sure made for a memorable show rather than a bad case of vertico!! We thought they just took pity on us poor old Seniors! Whatever the reason, we were very appreciative!!

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