Tiny Soap

woman's feet at the end of a tub, in a bubble bath

Say so long to the tiny soaps, shampoos, and conditioners in hotel rooms. One chain’s doing it so you know they’ll all follow.

Finally, someone noticed that straws aren’t the only environmental offenders. The little containers use so much unrecyclable plastic. Intercontinental Hotel Group, owners of Holiday Inns and Crowne Plazas, among others, will get rid of the tiny things by 2021.

Bulk products will take their place, presumably in pump dispensers. It makes so much sense. After all, if you’re worried about who used the pump before you, you’re already at the sink or in the shower so just wash your hands! But I’m left with a fundamental question. What will we steal now?

Jerry Seinfeld has been touting the virtues of tiny products in his act for many years. It’s time for a rewrite, Jerry!

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