A Room With A View

From my new writing space, all I see is corn, hay, more corn, trees, and more trees. There is a neighbour a km or so away, but I can’t quite make out their house. This is the road less traveled but there is a streetlight across from our home. It’s a little bit of civilization in a pretty remote area.

Our move went as planned. The movers were terrific. I was mentally prepared for something to get broken in the shipping container but everything came out just fine. Thank goodness for the scrubbing elbows of my sister-in-law Barb and niece Taylor. We hire cleaners to come in after we move out but not everybody does that.

Early one morning, Derek beckoned me onto the deck. We could see Orion and other stars behind us as the sun rose ahead of us. It’s whisper quiet. That will change at some point when this feed corn is harvested, but the quiet will return.

Derek has the elbow room he so badly wanted. He also has his tractor and soon his other toys will join it in the large outbuilding. We’re settling in. It will take time.

Erin and I arm in arm on the Indigo stage, in front of a shelf of her books and a large poster with the book cover on it.
Me and Erin after her excellent talk at Indigo.

Last week, we took a break from settling to spend time with Erin Davis and Rob. I was thrilled to host the Q and A with Erin at Indigo London North and then stay over with her at a London hotel. Rob and Derek did guy stuff at the house, like put the TV gizmos together and carry furniture around.

Taylor is a 20-something brunette, Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) is a 20-something blond, and me, sitting at a picnic table with our treats.
Taylor, Ceilidh and me, enjoying a twisty cone at the Pinery Market.

They left for Ottawa and Derek’s daughter, Ceilidh, arrived from the east coast. Ceilidh is a Scottish Gaelic word that means a kitchen party or celebration. It’s pronounced kay-lee. It’s a beautiful name but she has some funny stories about trying to get people to say or spell it correctly! If she’s in Starbucks and hears the barista call out anything from Kelly to Caroline, she’s going for the beverage.

My mother and brother also made the trek for a nice visit. There were family get-togethers and group outings. Somehow, Derek and I also managed to get some voice-over and other projects completed, too.

We have a to-do list for this house that’s several Post-It notes long. It includes wooden rods for closet expansions to weather-stripping to a freezer. I’ve felt a little overwhelmed at times. Moving once is enough. Moving twice within a year, with a 7-week stay in temporary accommodations, is more than enough, thank you. I think I deserve some time to just sit and watch the corn wave in the breeze.

2 thoughts on “A Room With A View”

  1. Ceilidh pronounced by a screen reader would be Sail-lid or if you play with the spelling Kailie or kaylee would give you a correct pronunciation. You don’t want to know what a screen reader does to names. Which is why, when in doubt I will ask the person.

  2. Oh, Ceilidh is beautiful – I see her daddy’s dimples and an obvious affection between them. May their love continue to grow as the years go on – and the ties deepen and strengthen with every reunion. I love this blog – and welcome to your new home. Already I feel that love lives there. Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. It was SO good to spend time (and share popcorn in bed) with you, dear Lisa.

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