Brandt’s Rant 1/31/20

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I haven’t let out a good rant in a while. Buckle up, kids, here we go.

Some people need to get a grip on Bell Let’s Talk Day, that happened on Wednesday. I’m no fan of Bell and I’m the last one to defend a corporation. But I’m up to here with complaints about how Bell is only in it for the tax write-off and mental health should be about more than just one day.

OF COURSE! This is how it works. So, how about taking it for what it is?

Tim Hortons does the exact same with its hockey sponsorships and camps. Every giant corporation gets benefits from anything good it tries to do. Can we not be grateful that they chose this particular initiative over everything else they could have done?

Tweet by Lincoln McCardle that shows Bell's donation for 2020 Let's Talk Day totals $7.7-million.

Consider how many conversations about mental health have been started because of this day. How many people have come forward, from Clara Hughes to golfer Andrew Jensen, and shared their stories. Tens of millions of dollars have gone into mental health initiatives that otherwise wouldn’t have.

No one ever claimed this one day a year was supposed to be a cure. It’s part of working toward solutions and making it okay to discuss mental health.

Another criticism I saw was that “my local so-and-so wasn’t funded, so what’s the point”? Well, that so-and-so needs to apply for a grant from the fund. They try to spread the wealth. Mental health isn’t a one-size-fits-all issue. It’s complex and far-reaching and frankly, a lot of people who are suffering will never reach out for help. But can we please not shit on these attempts?

I’ve tried to be honest about my own struggles with mental health issues. And maybe it’s because I remember how difficult it was to admit anything was wrong that I’m just grateful to Bell for doing something. This is one reason to say, good on you, Bell. You could have chosen another aspect of human health or anything at all to make your selfless/selfish day. You’ll get tax benefits and extra revenue and goodwill and attention. That’s all true. But it’s something. And it’s definitely something more than sitting on your ass and complaining about it.


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  1. I saw a lot of people use the hashtag to point out that Bell holds the contract for phones in the Ontario prison system, and how unfair Bell is to prisoners who are just trying to call home. I thought that was a wonderful way to use the hashtag too. You’re right, use it up folks!

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