A Breakfast Miracle

The strangest thing happened on Sunday morning. Perhaps if I share it with you, my little armchair analysts, you can help me decipher what it means.

I emitted my usual song, “it’s time to get up and feed me”! Given the opportunity, I might have found a successful career as an opera singer but, alas, that career path didn’t present itself when I was a kitten.

Father didn’t stir, but Mother arose and beckoned me to follow her. This was strange because she’s usually the last to get out of bed in the morning. And Father is the only source of all breakfast foods. So, I ignored her as she made her way downstairs to the kitchen.

I lay quietly for a while, enjoying the rise and fall of Father’s chest in his deep slumber but finally, my rumbling tummy could stay silent no longer. I sang my cry more urgently until he finally arose, bleary-eyed but happy, as always, to see me. He slowly rolled out of bed and pulled on some modesty fabric. I could hardly contain my excitement that breakfast would soon be nigh!

I could hear Mother downstairs, fussing about with something likely unimportant. Finally! Father was up. I would get fed!

Downstairs we padded together, the anticipation building in my soft, central region. We entered the kitchen and approached my dining area together. To our astonishment, my bowls were full of fresh food! Crunchy kibble and smooth pate were waiting for me. But how could this be possible? Father was with me, and yet, somehow, the food was already there!

I looked at Father and he at me – we couldn’t figure it out. How did the food get there without Father’s hand so much as on a tin can lid? It’s a puzzler. I marveled at the situation as I dug into my wonderful breakfast. Mariner’s Catch – my favourite!

Meantime, we have no idea what Mother was doing all that time, in the kitchen, alone before our arrival. She was probably knitting doilies or applying eye shadow or whatever other irrelevant things occupy her mind.

Miss Sugar curled up on a cream-coloured club chair against a white pillow with gold lettering that reads "be happy".
Enjoying my new nap spot on Mother’s fave vintage chair.

This strange occurrence proves there is magic in the world and Father is the sole source of it. My affection for him has deepened even though I was sure it had reached its loving limits. He’s amazing and I do my best to remind him of that fact with every flutter of my adoring eyes.

I do wish for you to discover the same delight that I find in my number one human bean.

And now, for today’s lesson in kitty communication, I present this accurate rendering of a cat’s map of your bed. You’re wise to take note and govern yourself accordingly!

A cartoon rendering of a cat's map of the bed. A pillow is marked, Scream Here for Food. There is a napping quarters, buttlicking station and foot attack zone. Hairball disposal area is between the pillows. Expensive cat bed (never used) is beside the bed.
Posted on Facebook by our friends at Animalert.

May your mouse toy’s battery never run out, my pretties! Until next time, I remain your benevolent and kind Queen of Southwold.

Miss Sugar

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  1. My goodness – I can’t imagine what might have happened to have made that food so magically appear! Quite a beguiling situation, Miss Sugar. I’d suggest you ask your Mom about it, but you know, she’s probably painting her toe nails. (kisses!)

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