Cat People, People Cat

Miss Sugar fast asleep on a sheepskin on top of a grey and white ottoman

Hello, again my lovely self-groomers! We three remain housebound where naps are taken and nothing else is taken very seriously, except physical distancing from others. I was made for this. When I don’t have to worry about someone blocking my access to the food bowl, or grabbing my tail, I’m in heaven.

Have you heard the latest news about COVID-19? The virus has now infected a cat. A cat! A house cat, just like me, except that it lives in Belgium and meows in Belgiumese, another language I don’t speak. They might as well talk Dutch. The poor feline came down with the sniffles and it progressed from there.

The experts say as far as they know, there’s no risk of getting COVID-19 from either a lovely cat or a filthy dog. But there’s a small risk of you infecting your pet. Only two disgusting canines have tested positive so far. But a cat! One of my own superior species? I appreciate now more than ever why my humans have decided to hunker down and suspend all visits and visitors. Why, they’re thinking not of themselves, but of me. As they should, of course, but it’s heart-warming to see evidence that my trust in them is well placed.

Miss Sugar looks over her shoulder as she relaxes on a white comforter on the bed.

I’ve noticed my human beans laughing more often when they’re looking at their black rectangles. Sometimes, the rectangle speaks but it’s mostly silent and doesn’t look funny at all to me. However, Mother has agreed to let me add a link to one of the stories she found funniest this past week. It’s a Twitter thread by a wholesome, country dude who’s new to social media. If you know how Twitter works, Mother says you’ll find it hilarious. And she reminds everyone that we are laughing with Tim at the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma, not at him!

The rectangle also brings us human family and friends. They talk and write words. Everyone can take part in the group word-writing, even the niece who lives in Australia. One nephew is threatening to shave his head from boredom and the uncles are egging him on. Family members in England are well and the eldest ones are self-isolating. Mother has called this time a “we are the world” moment, whatever that means. She was getting frustrated by misinformation on the Internet so she is limiting her intake of social media know-it-alls and know-nothings. She seems happier for it.

As for me, I’m doing my part. My purr-dometer is cranked up to 11. I avail myself for more than the usual number of belly scratches and naps. This calms the people and makes them smile and give voice to words of love for me.

My beauty is praised like that of a supermodel. A Rubenesque, fur-covered, chicken-breath supermodel. In a world of cubic zirconia, I’m a five-carat diamond, and I know it. And while we’re on the subject of the indisputable beauty of cats, I’d like to share another item from the rectangle that made Mother laugh. Someone with too much time on their hands reimagined nearly every other type of inferior animal and improved them with a cat face! Bunnies, rabbits and even a bumblebee look much better with a beautiful feline visage. You’re welcome.

Until next time, my laser-focused bug-watchers, I remain yours,

Miss Sugar

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  1. Ah, Miss Sugar. Self preservation is what’s really going on today, id’nit?
    Keep your room mates entertained, will you. Might be a long haul we’re in for.

    Scritch, scritch.


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