Cats and Dogs II

Miss Sugar stretched out on her fuzzy grey pouf, looking directly at the camera

Greetings my little fur shedders! Welcome back to my fuzzy space on the Interweb. Today, I present some evidence I received of cats and dogs finding ways to overcome their biases and forging friendships and developing affection for one another.

A couple of weeks ago, I mused on this page about my penchant for calling all canines “filthy dogs” and whether I was being too quick to judge them all harshly. I asked for your input and you, my darlings, didn’t disappoint. Here is a selection of your responses.

A golden lab lying on a couch with his paws gently surrounding a grey cat that looks comfortable and content.

This lovely scene above softened my hard little heart when it comes to closeness with canines. That’s Ralph and Ash, the purrfect pets of Robyn, Mike, Daniel, and Molly, showing interspecies affection.

And then there’s Vader, a cat sometimes described by his human bean, Gerry, as “a jerk”, with puppy Leia. Proving that even jerks and dogs can get along.

A black cat licking the ear of a mostly white puppy in his crate.

I also received many notes that didn’t include photographic evidence, but I believe you, my pumpkins, I do! And this collection of photos from Mother’s fave time-wasting website, Bored Panda, also proves the point. It concerns a kindly dog named Raylan who has foster-fathered more than 60 rescue kittens so far.

Apparently, I’ve misjudged dogs all of this time. Like human beans, and even some cats, only some dogs are filthy. I should have known better than to accuse them all. I am learning and growing as a perceptive being, and I thank everyone who contributed to my evolution in my viewpoint on pooches.

And now, Miss Sugar has a favour to ask.

My likeness is currently inhabiting a page where photos of many dogs reside and I wish to draw your attention to it. Mother decided to apply my photogenic attributes to a contest that has two aims;

  1. To raise much-needed money for the Humane Society of London-Middlesex and
  2. More importantly, place a photograph of yours truly in that organization’s calendar for next year! Can you imagine me as a pin-up gal? I know, I totally can, too.

Miss Sugar needs your votes in order to defeat all but 11 of the other lovely critters. This Humane Society took care of me when my previous family unceremoniously left me there until my forever human beans brought me home. I owe the organization a debt of gratitude. Please know from the get-go, so it doesn’t come as a surprise, that votes cost $1 each. One measly dollar. Surely, I’m worth that! And the money goes directly to the cats and dogs at the shelter in need of things like healthy food and fresh litter. Feel free to vote up to several million times, if you wish. Please visit this link to cast your many, many votes, before May 28th. You have my thanks, my love, and my hope to realize my dream as a spokesmodel for HSLM. Thank you.

Until we meet again, my sweets.

Your furever feline,

Miss Sugar

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