Cat’s Height Gallery

Three construction paper paintings in a row on a wall about an inch above a baseboard.

Hello, my sweets! I’ve been thinking. It’s a wonder the neck of a cat isn’t as long as a giraffe’s. We spend so much of our time looking up. Everything we want to see is many miles above us. This is why we love climbing up onto things like bookshelves and roofs. It’s from such a perch that we’re able to finally look down on the world.

This week, I happened upon something new and unusual that appeared in my direct sightline. Three pictures making up a small art gallery positioned at the perfect height for me to view. How wonderful!

Miss Sugar scratches her chin on the all near three small drawings framed with construction paper in purple, green and orange. They are mounted near the baseboard at the bottom of a staircase.

These original pieces were made with the unusual artwork media of stickers and Sharpies on construction paper. I’d describe them as a cross between Bob Ross and a semi-talented third-grader. They inspired many questions. Were they commissioned from a fellow feline? They certainly contained all of the elements of a cat’s desires: birds, beds, and the stuff of dreams.

After a close-up view, I took a few steps back and considered them again. Who was this panther Picasso, this purring Jackson Pollock? And why had we never met?

MIss Sugar stands back from the pictures and considers them.

The next time I happened to pass for a nibble on kibble, I noticed there were titles added, as if the literal renderings were too difficult to figure out.

Miss Sugar looks at the pictures from about a foot away.

Owl Love You features, what else, owls. Nap Time is about my favourite thing of all. Dreams shows a cat’s desires ranging from fish to cat grass.

The gallery vanished in a few days. There was no indication it was a touring exhibition. Now, some other lucky leopard is likely enjoying an in-home viewing. Soak it up, dear friend. It won’t last long!•

Mother could take a cue from this delightful display. HERE is the story of the ill-advised castle she built for me, in case you missed it. Perhaps it’s clear to her now that my tastes are more refined. I’m more of a Louvre lover than a Buckingham Palace puss. And even though I’ve never been a box sitter, I believe I got the message across. A remnant of her castle turned upside down and filled with Father’s T-shirt scraps is now my fifth favourite napping spot.

Miss Sugar curled up in the biggest box from the castle experiment. Her name above the "door" is upside down, as she lies on a bed of scrap fabric.

This location also gives me quick access to her recording booth, where I’ve been adding my voice where I feel it’s appropriate. You’re welcome, Mother.

While I prepare for another long, blissful doze, I must remind you once more of my wish to appear in the Humane Society of London & Middlesex’s 2021 calendar. So many of you have donated generously to the cause while voting for me, and I’d lick every one of your noses if I could. With only a few days left to vote, I’m in danger of falling out of the top twelve. I can’t bear to look again! If you’d like to view my entry and perhaps – if you would, if you want to, I’d never beg – vote for me, here is the link: Miss Sugar’s contest entry.

The most important thing is that donations go to the animals who are waiting for their furever homes. And that I win. But mostly, the donations. (Me winning is a close second!)

Thank you my lovelies!

•I know it was Mother who erected the art gallery. But let’s keep that between us, okay? Her self-esteem can’t take another hit!

Until next week, your feline full of love and furballs,

Miss Sugar

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