Calendar Girl

Close up of Miss Sugar's face while she snuggles in a puffy white comforter.

You – yes, you – you’re my favourite! Thank you for voting for me to become a pin-up gal. It was a real claw-biter of an ending to land in the top 12 out of millions and millions of animals vying for the 2021 Humane Society of London & Middlesex calendar. Cuddle up on a fuzzy throw and I’ll tell you all about it.

Please don’t think I’m immodest when I say I was sure I’d attract a few clicks of the mouse for my entry. After all, I do enjoy many visitors to this little corner of the Interweb for my Tuesday musings. But when I saw that my Stage Mother expected to bring in $500, it rattled my litterbox.

Imagine my delight when we reached that milestone in less than a week. Stage Mother kept up gentle pressure on social media and my friends and fans came through!

Some of the comments we received were precious such as, “Go Sugar! The only cat among all those filthy dogs!” and “Your sweet face was made to model!”

We were not allowed to view the names of those who voted, but I heard they came from as far away as Victoria, Wallaceburg, Los Angeles, and Smithville! Every dollar raised – in my case, $999 dollars – goes to the animals at HSLM. As a former resident, take my word that they provide loving care to the animals they look after, be they superior cats, filthy dogs, or dopey rabbits.

I must confess, my little string chasers, my ride to the top wasn’t perfectly smooth. There were some moments that gave me paws.

My entry hovered at #12 for the longest time. I worried that a spike in votes for someone lower on the tier could push me out of contention. It was a great relief to end up at #11.

A collage of the top 12 finalists in the calendar contest. Finn is #1 with 1940 votes. Miss Sugar finished with 1032 votes.
I’m the only cat in the Top 12! Represent!

My professional modeling career begins later this summer when I’ll attend my “stylized photo session”. Until then, I’ll be grooming my coat, pawsing only to peck out my weekly blog post here and to spread kibble across the kitchen floor.

It truly is an honour and I’m filled with gratitude and love for my two-legged friends and fans who are in possession of credit cards. Your generosity will help the less fortunate as they wait for the furever homes. It’s difficult to describe the joy of being plucked from the masses and taken to a loving home, but this newly adopted kitty is feeling it.

You are the best. And I’m ready for my close-up! Until next week, with water drops on whiskers,

Your thankful friend,

Miss Sugar

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