Doot Doot Do

I’m lookin’ out our new back door!

You already know about some of the challenges of living in this 150-year-old country home from Mother’s previous writings. It turns out, according to what I’ve overheard, that the doors to the outside were put in “by gosh by golly”. I think that’s the company Father said the renovators used. So, he has seen to it that an experienced door person put in some new doors. Next winter, we will have to go outside if we want to experience ice and snow!

Miss Sugar stands in front of the new sliding door, looking out over the deck.

Here’s how I found out that I was getting a new door of my own!

An unfamiliar man was making noise around the house for a couple of days recently. I gave him a wide berth. A few times, I started down the stairs with kibble on my mind because things had gotten quiet. Then, without warning, banging and drilling and all sorts of noises started up again and sent me scrambling back up to the safety of the bed.

Father even blocked off my passage to everything except my food and bathroom. The hole in the wall made by the man was big enough for mooses to come in, if any were passing by.

Anyway, it all ended up well, as most things tend to do, when the man was gone and I saw what he had done. The timeworn French doors had been replaced by a new slider. This is great news and I know it was all done just for me! The huge panes of glass give me a wide view of the back yard and fields. Father can open the door a bit, pull over the screen, and let me get a snoutful of fresh air and animal scents. It’s heaven! The first day, I stayed a good long while. Now testing the air for scents is part of our morning routine.

Miss Sugar sitting comfortably, watching out the back door. The back lawn can be seen with a farmer's field in the distance and woods in the background.

There’s a hummingbird feeder on the deck that attracts the fastest little wing-flappers I’ve ever seen. Deer often cross the fields into a stand of trees. There are wild turkeys, geese and other types of birds, big and small. It’s my own animal streaming service! And it reminds me of many days I spent back in the London house, with my partner Spice at my side.

Miss Sugar and Spice lying in front of a sliding door, looking outside. Sugar is completely visible, while the front of Sugar is hidden by the curtain that hangs between them.

Not a cross word would pass between us during these times. We focused on the birds and squirrels, and jockeyed for position when Mr. Sunbeam came around. Those were good times.

I even had a slider in Wallaceburg although I mainly only saw the neighbour’s filthy dog.

Another door was put in this house, too, but since its window is at human bean level, I don’t much care. I’m just grateful that I have a new slider and a way of safely experiencing the great outdoors once again. You know, without actually going outdoors. I even like it when it rains.

Miss Sugar lying in front of the open door (screen is closed) looking out at the wet deck and grass.

Miss Sugar believes in staying inside at all times, kids! It’s safer for us kitties and for the songbirds that some of us can’t resist.

My wish is that you find time to enjoy the visiting hummingbirds in your life – be they real birds, human beans or if you’re lucky, a beautiful cat of your own. Whatever floats your boat or slides your door!

With a catnip hangover, I remain your friend,

Miss Sugar

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