Miss Sugar’s Cat Facts

Miss Sugar's face and paws as she continues a deep sleep

Greetings my little furniture shredders! So, here we are, past the dog days of summer into the cat days of the season. I prefer to think of every day as cat day.

One of my proudest attributes is my species’ hint of mystery. Our communication is subtle and nuanced. While filthy dogs give it all away, letting you know their every thought and feeling the moment you meet, we dangle our personalities like yarn from a stick. We felines enjoy holding back some of ourselves. We know you’ll appreciate us more if you have to put some effort into getting to know us.

And so, even as you may feel you may be intimately familiar with cats, I present the following facts that might prove you wrong. We are several layers deep. Like Shrek says in that movie – I can’t remember what it’s called – ogres are like onions because they have layers. Well, cats are also like onions, only we smell better than ogres and if we turn green, please take us to the vet.

Head and shoulders of Shrek, the giant, green ogre from the movie of the same name.

Cat Fact #1: Your cupcakes are safe with us. It’s believed that we are the only mammals that cannot taste sweetness. It’s possible that the saying, “no sugar, thank you, I’m sweet enough”, was coined by a cat.

Cat Fact #2: If I were arrested, the booking officer would take my nose print. That’s because the patterns of our noses are as unique as your fingerprints. However, I assure you that I will never break the law, except perhaps for looking too good.

Cat Fact #3: We sleep 70% of our lives away. Oh, sorry. My mistake! I did say “little known” cat facts. Forgive me.

Cat Fact #4: We share about 97% of our genetic makeup with tigers. We do a lot of tiger-like things, like stalk and pounce. We also like to perch high above others and patiently survey them. Mother tells the story of her kitten, Stan, who went missing from her house. She tore the place apart looking for Stan only to find that he had pushed through a window screen and was sitting happily on the third-story roof, watching the world go by.

A tiger lies contentedly outstretched on a bunch of logs, looking into the camera with interest.
See the resemblance?

Cat Fact #5: We reserve our meows for you. When cats communicate with each other, we don’t meow. We rumble, hiss, growl and murmur but never meow. It’s because you represent a parental figure to us, so with you, we use the language we used with our beloved mothers. Meow!

Cat Fact #6: You probably already know that cats were revered by ancient Egyptians (a wise people!) but did you know that it was tradition to shave off one’s eyebrows when your cat passed on? The cat was embalmed, affixed with a custom wooden mask and buried in the family tomb with mummies of mice. Those folks knew how to properly honor a cat!

Cat Fact #7: And perhaps the best fact of all, a cat’s brain is more biologically akin to a human’s, than is a dog brain. This explains the deep connection that develops between human bean and cat. The area of the brain we share involves emotions. It’s no wonder we get along.

Derek and Spice, forehead to forehead.
Father and my late partner, Spice.

To some, we cats will probably always have a bit of mystery, but I hope that today’s post has taken us from a 7-layer dip to a small bowl of sour cream. I also hope that you will come back to dip your inquisitive chip into whatever I decide to serve next week!

Is anybody else hungry, or is it just me?

May the path to your litterbox always be barrier-free! Until next time.

Your friend,

Miss Sugar

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  1. Well Miss Sugar. I’ve always wondered how you guys manage to eat a mouse in 10 seconds yet still are able to spit out that green thing that only ants and flies will eat. It’s quite the feat.

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