Out With People

The strangest thing occurred recently. My Mother and Father went out in the evening. For hours. Wearing clothing that had buttons and zippers, and real shoes with laces and everything. Mother’s shoes were shiny and had heels! The shock of it was almost too much to bear. What was happening?

Since the beginning of the panda-emic, they’ve stuck close to home. Sure, there have been brief trips to gather foodstuffs and building materials, here and there. There were also a couple of curbside pickups of dinner. But evenings have been as predictable as mother’s expanding hairdo on a humid day. There’s dinner, then cleanup, then quite often, it’s TV. They streamed all 350+ episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, and I became quite fond of Dr. McDreamy. Later, they watched all of Bosch and I wished I could be his crime-fighting side-kick. Lately, they’ve been immersed in Lost and I now know that island life is not for me!

I tried to convince them that going out wasn’t the best idea. Indoors is where it’s at, for human bean or for a cat. While surfing online (yeah, I have my ways!) I found this mask that I bookmarked, hoping Mother would get the hint, but but it didn’t convince them to change their plans.

Black mask with a white cat outline and the words, Ew. People.
Ew. People. mask sold at zazzle.com

So, what could lure them out after so long from this paradise where my soft, downy belly is always at the ready for a few moments of cat-petting zen?

It is tradition that their friends Carolyn and George Arnold, the international best-selling author and the designer/publisher, celebrate a career milestone at The Keg. Although I’m not at liberty to share the milestone’s details, I am suddenly confused as to why they don’t go to Milestone’s instead? Wouldn’t that be more appropriate?

At any rate, the Arnolds invited my parents for steak and camaraderie and The Keg promised safety and social distancing along with great food. So, off they went.

The Keg was true to its word. Servers and staff all wore masks, as did patrons when they were up from their table. The fearless foursome was seated at a roomy booth. Tables are spaced out nicely and Father noted that in the men’s room, the centre urinal in a row of three was blocked off with caution tape. He hoped a crime had not been committed there.

The four of us on the steps of The Keg with a little Miss Sugar photo in the bottom right corner.
Doesn’t this photo look better with me in it?

The food was as wonderful as always, so I’m told. Mother brought home leftover steak but did I get to try it? I did not! I suppose it’s called a doggie bag because it’s never given to the cat. I do dig father’s flamingo shirt, though.

Carolyn Arnold has FIVE book series on the go. Her fifth will debut early next year. Mother is partial to her Matthew Connor adventure series, about an archaeologist and his quests for treasure. Fans of police procedural and serial killer catchers around the world also love her Detective Madison Knight and Brandon Fisher FBI series’ and more. I think a crime-fighting cat would make a wonderful protagonist! This investigative feline would solve the case in record time and then enjoy a long nap. It sounds divine, except for the crime-fighting part.

Mother met Carolyn when she still had a full-time job in an unrelated industry. Now, she’s a full-time author and a powerhouse, as she and George are publishers of others’ books as well. Inspiring! They also have two Beagles, Max and Sophie. Mother swears that Beagles are among the best types of filthy dogs, so I’ll take her at her word, but have no wish to investigate her claim.

My parents are not ready to get back out into the world on a regular basis yet, but Father says they’re happy with their Keg outing. The Keg now insists on reservations and does take-out, too. Everyone’s changing with the times. Everyone but me, that is. I’m still here, housebound and happy about it, grateful for the routine that keeps my loved ones home at night, most of the time.

May your bowls stay right-side up and your kibble always be crunchy!

Until next week, your friend,

Miss Sugar

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  1. Thanks for sharing your night out. Sounds like a fun evening for all and I don’t think Miss Sugar was disappointed at staying home.

    I have read the three Carolyn Arnold books series you mentioned and love them all! I must make time to check out her newer ones.

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