Miss Sugar’s Top Five Brushes

Five brushes arranged on a tile floor and labelled 1 through 5

Next to the soothing touch of a human bean’s hand, a good fur brush is the most important implement in a well-groomed kitty’s toolkit.

Over the years, my people have bestowed upon me several styles of brushes. They say I’m a shedder. I say I share my essence the way an exotic dancer shares her glitter. Potato, potahto.

So, move over Amazon verified buyers – today I am your reviewer of choice! I have been pawing through my toy basket and now present to you my top five brushes.

5. Fur Remover Duo. This one is basically useless for hair removal. Its bristles on both sides are as weak as a mouse and too close together to be of any use on my thick coat. (One side is actually meant to remove hair from upholstery and clothing) But, my little cat grass nibblers, any attention is good attention. If someone is dragging this brush on my back, I won’t complain! For effectiveness, though, it gets a rating of one soft belly.

Miss Sugar on her back with her belly exposed, looking like she's asking for a belly rub.

4. This nameless, generic thing is made by JW Pet Company, and it’s also not very effective. It’s soft enough to drag across my belly – drag, never press! – and I have been known to fall asleep under its loving touch. Mother employs this brush for those rare times when her attention is divided. A misguided stroke is harmless. For this brush, I give two “how you doins”?

Miss Sugar looking directly into the camera, in two identical photos stitched together.

3. The Hartz Fur Fetcher has three rows of strong teeth to gather fine hairs before they make their way to the furniture. Use with care. Go gently but regularly. It’s Mother’s folly to think that any amount of brushing will reduce my shedding – or sharing. But her optimism is adorable. This brush earns three yawns.

Three side-by-side closeups of Miss Sugar yawning.

2: Conairpet. This is my second-favourite brush and the one that mother uses most often. It’s light to the touch, gathers lots of stray hairs, and feels amazing. This brush works as well on the belly as on the back. Its teeth are wide enough so as not to get hung up in thick fur. I call it Old Faithful and I’ll purr up a storm in anticipation when Mother reaches for it. Old Faithful warrants a rating of four waves.

Four identical photos, side by side, of Miss Sugar's face and one paw up as if she is waving.
  1. My top choice is Furminator but this isn’t an everyday brush. It grabs the thick undercoat where my shedding and spreading originate, and pulls out the loosies. And it feels so wonderful to get relief from a stubborn clump of hair from the tippy-top of my bum just above my tail. But go gently and sparingly. Mother’s overzealous use of this implement once left me with a near-bald spot. How embarrassing! Avoid delicate areas, such as the belly. Mother loves the button that ejects collected hair without having to touch it. Furminator gets my highest rating: five chin scratches.
Five identical, small photos of Miss Sugar scratching her chin on her post.

Honourable mention must go to the cat fur mitt Father found in his Christmas stocking last year. There are many kinds, sizes and colours and from what I have seen, they’re all pretty similar. They offer a gentle combing coupled with the warmth of your beloved’s hand. What’s not to love?

I hope you’ve found today’s assessments of value as you consider the care and maintenance of your own cat’s coat. If my opinions also happen to improve the life of a filthy dog, well that’s a chance worth taking.

Until next week, my little dust bunny chasers, I remain your friend,

Miss Sugar

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