Meeting Bumpy

Miss Sugar shown from behind, sitting and watching something intently

I’d heard my human beans talking about someone named Bumpy. “When should we introduce Miss Sugar to Bumpy?”, one of them asked the other. “They should meet soon”, said the other. Who is Bumpy, I wondered. How could he be living in our home without me picking up his scent? It’s not easy being the only four-legged creature around here!

Last week, as I wandered happily away from my feeding station, I heard an unfamiliar whirring noise. Mother said, “Sugar, this is Bumpy”.

Miss Sugar looks across the room to see the round robot vacuum pushing her food and water bowls against the wall.

So what did this strange, circular creature do first? He made a bee line for my feeding station and nudged every one of my bowls. He also ate every stray kibble I was saving for later. This Bumpy guy has a lot to learn about making a good first impression.

Miss Sugar peeks underneath the dining table to see the robot vacuum on the other side, beneath a chair.

I wasn’t sure what to make of him. His movements were so random and he didn’t say a word to me. He just kept bumping into things and moving on. Now I know how he got his name.

Miss Sugar and the robot vacuum have a bit of a standoff beside kitchen cupboards.

Everywhere I wanted to go, he went first. He kept me on edge, trying in vain to anticipate his next move. The little guy is clever, I’ll give him that much. But, my little bug swatters, he acted as if I wasn’t even there. I find his behavior so rude.

We went from room to room in a sort of strange back-and-forth dance. And I’ve given it minutes of deep thought but I still don’t understand his reasons for zig-zagging all over the house. Was he brought here to vex me? To bring some chaos into my serene and blissful life? He spent a long time in the main floor bathroom – MY bathroom – bumping into my commode. I was very relieved when he finally came out!

Miss Sugar strides with purpose into the bathroom.

Bumpy has been quiet now for several days in a row. I’d like to think I put him in his place and he respects me as top cat. But I am watching him closely. His lone eyeball went from red to blue again, and I think that means he’s ready to explore some more. Next time, he won’t have the element of surprise on his side. I’ll keep my wits about me and attempt to make some sort of communication. He brings out the alpha kitty in me. Wish me luck. And wish Bumpy luck, too!

Meantime, Mother has been watching someone else’s cat and how it reacted to its own Bumpy. That will never happen here, I assure you!

Have a wonderful week, my little coat shedders.

Until next time, I remain your friend,

Miss Sugar

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