Making Music in the Forest City

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I’m going to be part of something cool on Zoom in June and I’m getting excited about it!

FCLMA – Forest City London Music Awards and Forest City London Music Week go hand in hand. Last year, I was asked to host a panel and name it after my book, Make the Media Want You. However, I had to pass because I was with my Mom. Leigh Robert did a terrific job moderating some music and PR heavyweights.

This year, I’m in! And all of my first-choice panelists said yes. Make the Media Want You is one of several panels aimed at helping up-and-coming artists get a foothold in the industry and, in our case, some media attention.

My panel will include:
Rudy Blair. What can I say about Rudy? We worked together at 680 News. He has met and interviewed everyone you can think of in music. He’s kind and generous and loyal and wonderful. He took me to see and meet Donny Osmond! He made other colleagues’ meet-and-greet dreams come true with other performers as well. Now he’s the force behind Rudy Blair Entertainment Media.

Sarah Smith. Sarah is authenticity with a guitar. She’s a singer/songwriter/performer and a kind and supportive force of nature. London’s loss is Pender Island, BC’s gain. Sarah and her partner live out there now, running an Air BnB, making music and living their dream.

Dan Savoie. I don’t know Dan personally but I know his work. As Editor of 519 magazine, he puts unknown artists on the same pages as super famous ones. He’s been interviewing music stars since he was a kid. and he likens his journey to that of William Miller in Almost Famous.

My challenge will be to make the most of the hour we have together and get practical nuggets and great stories on the air. All three of these professionals have so much to share and I know we can help some people. Voting for the prestigious awards opens April 30th. We’ll live stream our panel on June 9 at 7 pm and then it will live on YouTube. More details to come as it gets closer.

3 thoughts on “Making Music in the Forest City”

  1. Hey Lisa! You and Dan have actually met…he actually applied for a Promotions Gig at Kool-FM shortly after we first signed on in ’94. A long time ago, I know. Excited for you and him when I read about this project. Take care, BA

    1. And the world just got a little bit smaller! He didn’t remember me either so I don’t feel bad! Thanks Brian. (What a memory you have!)

      1. We’re still friends to this day actually. He ended up Marketing Manager at a Community Theatre in Chatham, also worked in Sask/BC for a while before landing in Windsor. We’re all nomads to some extent huh? I may just ZOOM in to check it out that day. Keep me posted and take care.

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