Miss Sugar writes: Easy Peasy

Greetings my little lucky charms! We are about six weeks away from no longer being country bumpkins. Port Stanley isn’t exactly the city, but it’s got a lot less corn and a lot more people. Today I want to share with you Mother’s philosophy: If something is too difficult, it’s not meant to be. As the moth-catcher of this family, I’ll have to agree. It’s much easier to wait for the moth to come to me, than to try to go to the moth.

She doesn’t mean that you should give up if things get hard. She means that if you have to try too hard to convince someone that you’re worthy, or you are faced with many struggles that seem insurmountable, perhaps it’s time to find another route. You can still get to the same destination. Just do it another way that causes you less stress. Try as I might, I cannot scale a wall. But I can be patient until a moth decides to fly down to me. And it always does, my pretties, it always does.

This perspective has served us well in our many, many, many moves in the past few years!

There was a gap of several weeks between leaving our Wallaceburg home and acquiring this one that we lovingly call The Ranch. Perhaps you recall that Mother found, and focused on, a short-term-rental apartment for us. Although some might call her foolish for not securing plans b, c and d, she had a good feeling about it. And it worked out. (But if you know my mother, she always has a plan b!)

Father, meanwhile, rented two sea cans for our things. Most companies wanted to haul our items to their storage yard, unload them all, load them again later and bring them to us. Instead, he chose the folks who stored the sea cans loaded up. Fewer moves, less chance of breakage or lossage. Smart man, my father. Less trouble this way. Easier.

And now, it’s all coming together again. It isn’t effortless but it’s not causing sleepless nights, either. I always sleep deeply and snore like a buzz saw until it’s time to remind them about my breakfast at a volume normally associated with foghorns.

The son of a good friend is launching a custom woodworking business with his friend. Father had stacks of excellent wood, including live-edge, that he needed to unload,. As you’re probably aware, lumber is as valuable as gold these days, and live-edge wood? It’s like catnip!

He also had some tools and other items that had to go as he clears out his shop ahead of its ownership changing hands. So, like the good guy my main man is, he gave this stuff to those industrious lads and they rented a U-Haul and u-hauled it away in a socially distanced manner.


Some antiques must still find new homes and mother has decided to post them for sale on Lisa’s Pieces’ Facebook page. Several bags of shirts and jackets have been taken to a homeless men’s mission. They’ve given and sold loads of things to people who will use and enjoy them. Even with GPS, finding The Ranch proves difficult for many folks. So, when mother has sold an item, she delivers it for free! It’s just…easier. Having gotten lost herself several times when GPS sent her to desolate back roads instead of where she wanted to go, she wishes to spare others the same fate.

As for me, life is always easy. Food appears when I want it. The hummingbird feeder is up and the wee birds are back for my viewing pleasure. Every day, father tells me I’m beautiful. My self-esteem has never been higher. And I’m beginning to join in the excitement of our move. We’ve done it so often, I feel I’m getting the hang of it. There’s nothing to worry about. Someone will magically install my bathroom before I arrive and after that, it’s all fun and exploration!

I truly appreciate your visit, my little feather batters,

Until next time I remain your friend,

Miss Sugar

2 thoughts on “Miss Sugar writes: Easy Peasy”

  1. Lovely to see you back, pen in paw, Miss Sugar. Your folks sure are creative as they make another smooth move. You’re a very lucky litter sitter and we wish you much luck with the move of your one box, and all of theirs. 🐾🐱

  2. Beautiful Miss Sugar – your heart is full – I look forward to seeing your new home soon. Be well.

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