Miss Sugar Writes: Cats Caught in Calamities

Hello my little paw lickers! Welcome to the warmest, softest, and sheddingest corner of the interweb. If you’re wearing black pants, please use the sticky roller by the door so you don’t leave looking like you’ve sprouted whiskers on your thighs.

Mother told me a story that gives me shivers. It sounds like one of those campfire tales. “And then… his head was on the antenna!” Except it’s all true. And I want to share it with you as a cautionary – or cationary – tale.

A client of Mother’s had quite a story to tell. She’s an animal rescue person and a kind-hearted soul. She had taken in a homeless kitten and given it warmth, food and love. But being young and foolish, the kitten went searching for adventure. The woman looked all over for it with no success. Finally, she heard mewling cries from behind the drywall of the bathroom.

Apparently, the area around the pipe to the sink had a small gap – just big enough for a tiny, curious kitten to crawl into. Once inside the wall, the kitty couldn’t figure a way out. This ordeal took up most of the woman’s day. After trying everything she could think of, the woman finally had to call for help. Some men ripped down the drywall and freed the cat. The kitty was fine. The bathroom wall didn’t fare as well.

Et Tu Arizona?

Cats stuck in walls is a common theme. Just last week, a cat in Arizona was walking atop a cinder block wall and down she went! There was no way out on her own, but firefighters broke her out safely.

Firefighter holds tiny orange cat that looks a little freaked out.
Photo from Fox 10 Phoenix.

There must be something about Arizona because in August a cat in Phoenix got trapped behind a double-brick wall. A good Samaritan tried for two hours to get him out and then called for help. It took Humane Society rescuers another hour to free the cat, now known as Wall-E. Look at that face! Relieved and yet traumatized. Poor little guy. He went into foster care and later got adopted. Now he spends his evenings regaling the neighbourhood felines with tales of his adventure.

While yours truly has never crawled into a wall, I can empathize with those that have. Sometimes, the nose takes over the brain and you’re led places you never thought you’d go. And before you’ve had a chance to think of the consequences, you find yourself in a silly position. Like I did recently, when Mother let me crawl through a pile of Father’s old radio clothes she’s using for a project.

Sugar's butt is in the air as she buries her head in a bunch of piled clothing.
Hey – my head DOES fit in there!

So, my little chin rubbers, please don’t ever make the mistake of thinking, “the cat will NEVER go in there”! Because there is a cat somewhere that WOULD go in there. And you might have to call firefighters to get them out.

That’s all for now, friends. I hope you’ll have a delightful weekend patching up holes and sealing up brickwork! You’re welcome!

Your friend,

Miss Sugar

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