Miss Sugar 2005-2021

We have read every condolence. Every reference to her oft-written blog phrases “filthy dogs” and “human beans”. Received flowers from our dear friends and been notified of donations in her name to the Humane Society London and Middlesex and Animal Aide of St. Thomas. We are so grateful. You get it. Pets are family. Losing them is painful.

How one little fur-covered being can become such a huge part of your life – that’s the beautiful mystery of animals.

She was named Kitty when I met her at the Humane Society. She was wearing a cone, drugged up, and her back end was covered in dried poop. I put my nose up to the cage door and informed her, “as soon as you’re well, you’re coming home with me.” She recovered a couple of days later from a gastrointestinal illness that was probably caused by the stress of being put in a shelter. The veterinarian called and I was there in half an hour. She was a birthday present I gave myself in 2015. She was ten years old.

I told Erin Davis that I wanted to change her name. Kitty sounds like something a child would call her. Erin, the cleverest person on earth, said, “You already have Spice. She should be Sugar!” Derek also liked to call her Missy. So she became Miss Sugar, a rather formal, southern-plantation-style name for a little housecat.

Derek smiling into the camera as he holds Sugar who looks relaxed and content
I swear that little hearts flew into the air when these two looked at each other!

Sugar didn’t come into her own until Spice passed away in July of 2018. Spice was an alpha. He made sure she knew it. But we made sure she got her share of human attention.

She became more vocal and relished her role as Queen of the manor. When she tried to quit her weekly blog at one point, an onslaught of complaints brought her back! The blog started as a way for us to find humor in our move out of London. Because anyone who has moved knows it’s a giant pain in the ass. Then it continued, and she made fun of us as we made a few more moves before settling. Every time, Sugar confidently explored the new surroundings and quickly made herself at home. No hesitation or reluctance. If we were there – especially if Derek was there – she was fine.

She wasn’t a lap cat. But she loved being brushed and petted. And she’d put one paw on your leg or arm. She and Derek had a routine. Sugar would yell at him to get up, anywhere from 3:30 am on. She never got over radio morning show hours. He would put out fresh food and she’d nibble while he made himself a coffee. Then, they’d go upstairs and she would sit for 10 minutes of attention, exactly, before going back for seconds.

When lunchtime came around, she let one of us know it. She still had food, but she wanted new food! In recent months, her age started to show. And then without warning, she’d fish a toy out from under the couch and play like a kitten. Only Derek could carry her around to look out the windows and see what was going on.

Miss Sugar on the floor looking back at the camera.

She brought us so much joy!

A few days ago, her face looked odd. And then it seemed fine again. One day, she hardly moved and wouldn’t eat. Something was happening. We took her to the vet. It was aggressive bone cancer in her jaw. She was already in pain and this fast-moving tumor would make things much worse, fast. There are no treatments and even if there were, the life expectancy of a cat is 16, which she turned in June. There would be no suffering allowed on our watch. It’s the kindest thing to do and it rips your guts out.

The last thing she heard was “I love you”. She didn’t speak English, and we don’t speak cat, but any animal lover knows that there’s a communication between species. A connection that develops along with trust. Damn, we loved her.

So now, our home has no heartbeat. There’s no warm little being giving off love rays. It feels empty. For a little cat, she had a huge personality and was just fun to have around. One little housecat has left a huge hole in our lives. Once we recover and the stabbing pain of grief turns into a dull throb, maybe we’ll find another heartbeat for our home. But there’ll never be another Miss Sugar. As sweet as her name.

16 thoughts on “Miss Sugar 2005-2021”

  1. Oh no! I am sitting here crying as I read about Miss Sugar. I read all of her blogs and gained so much knowledge from her with my own two cats. I am so sorry for your loss and our loss too. My ❤️Goes out to both of you. 😻😻

  2. We lost our little girl in February. Thank you for your thoughts that I wasn’t able to put in to words.
    Miss Sugar was important to us, too.
    Haven’t been able to get another.
    Maybe, I will follow your lead….
    Thank you for the tears I cried today.

  3. I made up a little prose that I used to recite to her every day when we were having one of our
    scritch sessions:

    Little Miss Sugar
    (but her friends call her ‘Missy’)
    She’s the one with the rattle and hum purr
    and that’s the sound that everything’s ok.
    She’s got smiling green eyes and just look at that face!
    She loves to nap
    and she’s quite a chatterbox.
    She’s my ragamuffin sidekick.
    THAT’S my little Missy!

  4. Lisa and Derek, so sorry to hear about Ms. Sugar but as soon as I saw the post my heart fell for I instinctively knew what it was about having lost several guide dogs. RIP Ms. Sugar

  5. So sad to hear about Miss Sugar being gone, she was a special little lady and loved following her blog. As a cat owner myself I understand the pain of losing her. She was your bundle of joy.

  6. I just had to read your last blog about sweet Miss Sugar. My heart aches for you both. We know the exact feeling of loss and emptiness. Many beautiful kitties and puppies have passed through our life. They all have a very special place in our heart. Hugs to you both.

  7. Dear Lisa and Derek,
    I was so very sorry to read your post this morning….I feel like someone punched me in the stomach and took my breath away. I know the heartache of losing a dear pet…and after after getting to know Miss Sugar through her weekly posts, we followers are feeling the pain of her loss as well. May she rest in peace…and may your broken hearts eventually heal. xxoo

  8. When the time is right, and you will know it, little Miss Sugar will send you a little soul who will need the same wonderful love and care you gave to her!

  9. RIP Miss Sugar. She was such a great kitty Lisa. I know you & Derek are heartbroken, as I know first hand what losing a furry family pet feels like. I will so miss her blog as I enjoyed the stories she told so much. She will never be forgotten. Big hugs & love. Your friend, Linda P

  10. Miss Sugar was so lucky to have spent the last 6 years of her life with such loving humans. I am so sorry for your loss, Lisa and Derek. My heart goes out to both of you.

  11. Reading this made me think of losing our Dudley a few years ago. I started to cry. I still have trouble looking at pics of our beautiful boy who had to go way before his time. Thankfully we still have Trixie. I love that you saved/rescued a senior cat and I hope that when you are ready, you will. No house is a home without a furry friend. Thinking of you both during this difficult time. Take care of each other. Toronto Cat Rescue is a great organization when you ready.

  12. I am so very sorry for your loss. My flower is 15, and she is also sick with kidney and heart issues. I dread putting her down, but I have given it another couple of months. She is not in any pain except when she has a seizure, and I can usually calm her down. She also has only had one that I have seen in the last five months. She gets meds on a daily basis, and I truly believe that they help somewhat. But the day is looming closer. I really want to be there for her until the end, but the vets here will not allow you in when you must put your family member down. I dread the day when I no longer have her, and mostly she seems happy and content. I have been cooking special food for her and patches, as I can not feed them separate foods for them. Nothing is ideal, but as I said I can certainly empathize with your loss. May she rest in peace and wait for you at the rainbow bridge until you are reunited.

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