G & F Episode 6

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3 thoughts on “G & F Episode 6”

  1. Thanks for another great episode of Gracefully and Frankly.
    I love that you two are on the same wavelength. You complement each other’s points of view, which in turn makes me want to keep listening because I can relate to pretty much all of it. It’s comforting and satisfying to hear someone say what one feels in their own mind. That’s what friends do, and that’s what everything about this podcast feels like. Friendship.
    By the way, “Love is as much a decision, as it is a feeling” is a brilliant line.

  2. In fairness, I was looking forward to you and Erin disagreeing because I think you would do so respectfully — which is an example a lot of folks, in the media and politics, would benefit from. Great show!

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