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Cover of Make the Media Want you with a blue starburst on it that has the words New Expanded Edition in white inside it.

Sometime last year, or was it the year before? A fellow writer and former broadcaster sent me a message on Facebook. It was something to the effect of, I read your latest book and I liked it but it needs more information about social media.

It wasn’t the first time I’d thought Make the Media Want You, released in 2018, was light on social media. So I took it to heart and with some planning, did as he suggested. Thank you, Richard!

A man in his 40s holding a microphone, wearing a purple shirt and blue jacket.
Kevin Bulmer

The new, expanded version of Make the Media Want You is now available everywhere with a detailed chapter on social media. I talked to Kevin Bulmer whose company, NSM Brand Media, helps companies grow via branding and social media. Kevin’s not all about clicks and likes and follows. He’s about authenticity. Here’s an excerpt.

NSM tracks data for every client, every month. They have a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to social media. Kevin says one type of posting performs well ahead of all others, no matter who posts it. Be it a real estate brokerage, a B2B consultancy, or even a car dealership.

“Candid photos of people smiling. And if there’s more than one person in it, it will do better than just one person.”

If you break out into a flop sweat at the thought of putting a photo or video of you out for public consumption, you’re not alone. Everyone thinks they’re the only ones who look “bad” in pictures and videos but Kevin says it’s a universal reaction.

“Every single person we’ve worked with, including myself for our own channels, judges themselves relentlessly. They hate seeing their own photo or seeing themselves on video. Men, women, blue collar, white collar – it doesn’t matter. None of them think they’re good enough.”

Kevin Bulmer in Make the Media Want You, Expanded edition 2023

Kevin explains in the book how they go about discovering a client’s authentic brand voice and putting that out into the world. People respond to it and business growth follows.

Old Friends

I’ve known Kevin a long time. We’ve seen each other go through life’s highs and lows and highs again. He’s one of the most decent, honest people I’ve ever known. Kevin grew London’s MoMonday storyteller events into something hundreds of people looked forward to and then the pandemic hit. Now, with NSM Brand Media, and his speaking engagements across the province picking up again, Kevin’s out doing what he does best. Building a community. NSM has created a small business support network of people who help build each other up called Little Engines. I’m a member.

With Kevin’s help, the book offers even more assistance to business owners, artists, entrepreneurs and anyone else who’s trying to get the media’s attention and find their audience. Whether that’s traditional media, new media, or social media. Make sure to select the version with the blue circle indicating it’s the “2023 expanded edition”. The new version is still being uploaded at some sellers, although Amazon and Chapters both have it now, in paperback and eBook.

But wait – there’s more! I have another book coming out in just weeks (I hope!) that will surprise a lot of people. It has nothing to do with media, sepsis, a summer job at a nudist camp, or any of the other topics of my previous books. I’m sorry to be so vague but I’m excited AND I can’t explain it yet. It’s my first work of fiction. Stay tuned!

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