Don Daynard RIP

Toronto radio legend Don Daynard has passed away. His story isn’t mine to tell. If it’s anyone’s, it’s Erin Davis’s, and she’ll do so in her Monday vlog at

But I did work with him for a little bit. When I started at CHFI as morning news anchor, I became a teeny tiny part of the big Don and Erin show. My interaction with Don was friendly but limited, until I filled in as co-host when Erin was away. Honestly, interaction with Don was still limited! I don’t remember him being the chatty type. But he was a legend. And I was tickled to get to have the experience of cohosting with him, no matter how briefly.

Toronto radio legend Don Daynard has died at 89. His presence loomed large for some of us in the biz, even after he retired.
1999: Don, me, Richard Bloom (680 News), Ian “The General” MacArthur, Erin. Don and Erin with Ian were Toronto radio’s Dream Team.

I had worked at MIX 999 (formerly CKFM) after Don had left, so his presence as the “morning man” loomed large there as well. The stories I’d heard about him were all about the work. With some “morning men” of that time in radio, it was tales of crazy antics off air or being a serial adulterer or whatever their special “thing” was. With Don, it was always about being funny and bringing the goods to the show.

CHFI put together a lovely tribute to Don HERE.

He’s been retired for two decades, but Don had been in radio almost exactly 50 years. And as he explained in this snippet from a 2013 interview, he only left radio once in that time.

Fun fact: Don’s voice is the first thing you hear in the 1982 movie, Porky’s! He’s playing – what else – a radio announcer.

There are stars that shine brightly and briefly, and there are legends. Don Daynard was a legend. My sympathies to his family: his personal one, and his radio family.

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  1. Very sad to hear of Don’s passing. Condolences to his family who shared the guy with the whole city of Toronto for decades. And to you, Erin, Ian and Richard- his radio family. He was quite the character, and kind, generous man.

  2. I can tell by the way he tells a story in that clip that he was a radio legend. Glad to see he was legendary for his talents, not his exploits off the air!

  3. Peter & I met Don at one of his many Lookin Back Dances….we had so much fun amongst the many, many other fans. He was easy to talk to (we thought), and even gave a smile & a wave as we were leaving the dance. He could spin a tale as well as a record & had an amazing, unforgettable voice. Our condolences to his family, friends & his many fans. It was very sad that he just disappeared after retirement. We often wondered how he was doing. We were lucky to have him to wake up to (with Erin, of course ❤️). Those were the days.
    Rest in Peace, Don

  4. I met him once. He was delivering CHFI mugs to North York City Hall when i was working there. I only spoke with him briefly but he looked like he was enjoying himself. Big smiles for everybody.

  5. I spent a lot of time with Don Daynard as did many people in the GTA. He was with me in my service truck on the way to work. I missed him when he retired. He was a part of many people’s lives and helped them enjoy life more. He was positive part of many people’s travels to work and made it easier to get through the trip to work on the highway. We were smiling when we got to work. He will be remembered.

  6. Back in the day my Grandfather Georgas owned 2 movie theatres in Owen Sound. One of his sons, Uncle Earl managed the Savoy and would tell me of the times that Don would drop into the projection booth to see if he could wrangle any movie posters. Years later I worked for John Schedler at the Lyceum Theatre in Wingham, and lo and behold whose name enters the conversation but Don Daynard’s. He and a like minded group of people held annual film festivals featuring classic films. I met Don then and was struck by how a down to earth and regular guy he was. So sorry to hear of his passing.

  7. So sorry to hear of Don’s passing. He made driving into Toronto to work a bearable experience for many years. Could not have done it without him. My thoughts to his family. I will miss him but treasure his memory.

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