Vacation Notice and Father’s Day

Me and Derek. I'm wearing a skeleton mask under my visor and helmet because I was cold. From our first Cape Breton trip.

We are off on a motorcycle trip! We are traveling Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail for the second time. It’s a bucket-list ride for our friend Tam, and we’re happy to do it again. It’s been (gulp) about 13 years since our first time around it.

This time, we’re going to do it twice, both directions, so we can all see the gorgeous vistas from each angle.

Tam’s partner Monique has made it better for everyone by suggesting that she and I fly into Halifax once the guys have completed the motorcycle journey to Nova Scotia. I’ve done the whole trip by bike before and while it’s just fine, it’s also a lot of sitting there with nothing to see but more highway. So, the guys are enjoying long riding days. Monique and I will meet them for the scenic part. Then we women will fly back and the guys will ride home again. It’s a win-win.

We hope to visit a couple of my relatives, Derek’s daughter, and an old school friend of Derek and Tam. Once again, I’ll call upon my little-used skill of packing only what will fit into one Harley saddlebag. It’s a challenge! Motorcycle trips are not about fashion. Thank goodness.

Because we will be away over Father’s Day, I wanted to share what my brother and I have done in memory of our Dad, who died in 2017. He loved the Parkinson’s program at Hotel Dieu Shaver in St. Catharines. In fact, a portion of proceeds from my book, Make the Media Want You, goes to that program. I’m happy to report that donations to date have topped $600.

I wanted to do something more permanent, so when the hospital launched a fundraiser to place engraved bricks on the grounds, I had to do it.

Rectangular brick walkway with a brick in the centre that reads, Our Dad Jack Hubbs.

I thought this wording would answer a few questions for passersby. First, Jack was what people called Dad, although his given name was John. And it would make clear who put it there. His kids, my brother and me.

Dad never wanted any fuss made over him. He didn’t want a funeral or memorial. No permanent resting place. None of that stuff was important to him. But I like to think that he’d be happy that we’re supporting something he felt strongly about. Maybe no one who knows him will ever see this brick. But we know it’s there.

I wish an early Happy Father’s Day to all dads, daddios, big daddies, poppas, and any other form of fathers there may be.

PS. Someone will want to ask so don’t be concerned about Cuddles. He is with his third favorite human on the planet, right here at home.

8 thoughts on “Vacation Notice and Father’s Day”

  1. Claire Cascone

    Wishing you all a safe and fun filled trip down east. The “fly and meet” idea is perfect, and one that I would opt for as well. The only challenge I would have is the packing. I’d need an extra large suitcase to stuff with all the great baked goods and homemade jam I’d want to bring home.
    I love the idea of an engraved brick to honour your Dad, and it sounds like something he would have highly approved of. My Mom thought the same way as he did. She always told us that when she passed we were not to wear black, and not to waste hard earned money on funeral frivolities. She loved gardening, so us kids each planted a tree in her honour.
    I’m glad you mentioned Cuddles. He was the first thought to enter my mind, lol.

    1. Thanks, Claire! I love the tree idea. We floated that to Derek’s brother before he died and he was adamant we not do that!! He said, “I don’t want you standing under the tree and calling it MY tree!” LOL Everyone is different. (He wasn’t a gardener!!)

  2. Have a wonderful and safe trip. What beauty your eyes will see.

    This Father’s Day will be my first without my dear old Dad. Sure wish heaven had face time.


    1. Thanks, Allan. Derek talked to the tourism people out there before they left and they’d had enough rain to douse the fires near Halifax. Of course, not all of them are out. It’s terribly sad.

  3. Honouring your Dad with the engraved stone is such a loving tribute.
    Fun, Fun, Fun! Enjoy the beautiful scenery, the visits and the yummy food.
    Happy travels.

  4. Have a wonderful vacation, unfortunately rain or showers have been forecasted for the next few days, mind you the weather forecast changes hourly here, so fingers crossed they are wrong again.

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