Our One-Year Birthday Celebration for G & F

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How do you celebrate a year of having the most fun you can imagine doing a “job”?

Hosting the Gracefully and Frankly podcast isn’t really a job for me and Erin Davis. But we treat it as seriously as if it was real work. We collaborate, meet (virtually), and do everything as a team. Well, there was that one time Erin went rogue about creating a book club – LOL!!! But we learned from it and we moved on!

Here we are, a full year later, and preparing to celebrate with an online party. It’s a Facebook Live event, January 15th at 6 pm EST. The Eastern Standard Time part is important because Erin and I will be on Pacific Standard Time in California. Palm Desert, to be specific, next door to Palm Springs. (It will be 3 pm PST for us, when we go live.)

It’s simple to join, if you’d like. Just go to the Gracefully and Frankly Facebook page and respond to the event so you’ll get a reminder. You can decide that you’re “going” or “interested”. When you come back to the page near broadcast time, you will see that a live broadcast is underway or about to start. Click to join! You’ll be able to text in questions, comments, topic suggestions – whatever you’d like. And we just might have a surprise or two in store!

FAQs about the live broadcast.

Q. What if I’m not on Facebook and I’d like to see it?

A. You’ll need to borrow someone’s login – sorry! The majority of our interactions with our listeners is on Facebook and that’s why we chose to do it this way.

Q. Will I have to be on camera?

A. Not at all! Only Erin and I will be onscreen.

Q. What if I can’t make it for the live event but I still want to see what happened?

A. We will share a video of it on our G & F Facebook page. You can watch it later, anytime you like.

Q. Are there hidden costs? Will a salesperson come to my home? Will I start getting unwanted magazine subscriptions?????

A. Nothing of the sort! This is just a free, fun way for us to connect and thank you as we pass the one-year mark of our podcast.

We have laughed, we’ve (almost) cried, and we’ve revealed some things we didn’t plan to talk about. That’s the beautiful thing about conversing with a friend. It’s a safe place to be yourself and you never know what will happen. And it wouldn’t happen without the wonderful people who download G & F and take us on walks, drives, breaks, and wherever else you find a few minutes to let us be a part of your day. And of course, our amazing sponsors, EnVy Pillow and Sierra Sil.

We hope to see you – or rather, have you see us – on Jan 15th! And the podcast returns this Thursday, January 4th.

7 thoughts on “Our One-Year Birthday Celebration for G & F”

  1. I am very much looking forward to the one year anniversary party! It’s been wonderful to have this special gathering of friends sharing time, thoughts, life memories and laughter for the last twelve months. Can’t wait to see what “season 2” brings our way. 
    I might have to bake an “upside down” pineapple cake for the occasion!
    See you on the 15th., ladies. 
    (BTW…still laughing over question #4 in the FAQ’s)

  2. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary. I have listened to every episode as I walk around Canatara Park in Sarnia or meander under the Bluewater Bridges in Point Edward.
    You ladies crack me up! I relate to your topics, mishaps and adventures. See you on January 15th!

  3. Margaret Niemela

    Congratulations and thank you Erin and Lisa on your first anniversary of G & F. I look forward and enjoy listening to your podcasts. I feel like I’m right there with listening to the two of you chat away and want to chime in but I can’t get a word in edgewise if you know what I mean. All the best for 2024.

  4. I hope you celebrate in style! One year podcasting is no small achievement! And I’m happy to see you are still going strong.

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