Doing What You Love for The Love of Doing It

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2024 started a little slowly for voice-work. This is typical and nothing to get alarmed about. Self-employed people learn about ebbs and flows of their businesses and plan accordingly.

Last week, it came roaring back. Every time I opened my email, it seemed, there was more work. And like the slow times, the avalanches also don’t last long, so you prioritize and manage expectations to get it all done, grateful for it when it comes.

Friday morning as I was splitting files – a tedious job* – something hit me. I hadn’t posted a Friday blog! I’ve been writing blog posts that publish on Tuesdays and Fridays for a long time. I can’t think of another time when I forgot about it.

And then something funny happened. Nothing. No one noticed! Not even my husband who admitted he doesn’t know my blog schedule. He subscribes, and when one comes in, he reads it. End of story.

I never imagined that anyone sat by their computer waiting for me to publish something. But it also didn’t occur to me that my hard-and-fast schedule was devised by me, only for me. Lots of bloggers start with great intentions and then quit because, well, writing is work. Thinking of ideas is work. And it’s work for no pay. You have to enjoy doing it for its own sake. Podcasting can be the same. And it’s much like my job. Voice actors audition, audition, audition, and only a few of those auditions secure real work. You have to love the auditioning process to keep going.

So, between the new work, auditions, and reading Geddy Lee’s memoir, My Effin’ Life, (highly recommend!), I was distracted by a lot of things. I was living. I also wonder if this is partly a result of spending less time on social media. Yes, I pledged a full SM detox for February, but I failed in that mission, as I explained on Gracefully and Frankly.

I don’t want to stop writing here. And I’m truly not fishing for compliments. But it seems that the hard-and-fast rules I’ve set for myself might not be as important as I think. Or maybe, I’m just realizing they’re really for me and me alone. Perhaps I’ll start blogging only when I feel the muse. I’m not sure yet. But it was a moment that made me stop and go, hmmmm. And that, my friends, is perfectly okay with me. It’s just information. And information is power.

*Splitting files means taking one large audio file and creating several shorter ones from it. Sometimes it’s because certain sentences or paragraphs are meant to accompany particular slides, so it’s easier to have those sentences separated for timing purposes.

16 thoughts on “Doing What You Love for The Love of Doing It”

  1. Morning Lisa: I noticed the Friday blog was missing. I checked 2 or 3 times & decided you must be very busy with work or spending time pampering yourself. It did not occur to me you had forgotten. Personally, I was hoping you were pampering yourself. Cheers & Thank You

  2. I missed your Blog for twice a week it brings a little enjoyment and break and one of the last little bits of social media I still enjoy. I’ll be ditching FB at the end of the month.

  3. I missed your Blog! Actually its one of the few social media items I look forward to each week. It’s a bright spot in my day reading about your travels and other musings like Post People. Others like FB they have run their course and will soon be ditched.

  4. I check here every day during the work week, for new blog posts and to see what comments are coming in. Your blog is part of my daily routine!

  5. I love your writing, and for you to love it too, it has to fit your life. The beauty of our schedules now is that other than the deadlines that others impose on us for freelance work, we get to choose what we do. I do a video journal once every few months (instead of weekly as I did during Covid). I just couldn’t keep doing the hair/makeup regimen. This is the time in our lives where we do what we want, when we want. I’ve found that those who appreciate your work will always wait or find you. And isn’t that wonderful? Your Pod-ner, E.

  6. I noticed but I didn’t think it was any of my business why you didn’t post. Maybe you didn’t feel well or had a family emergency. Don’t think we didn’t notice, we are just respecting your right to privacy. 🙂

  7. I noticed the missing blog as well. I thought that perhaps Cuddles was doing extra home inspections and found some more work for you and Derek to do.
    Kidding aside, I enjoy and appreciate the wise words and honesty of your blog, Lisa.

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