Someone to Look Up To

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Betty White was my mentor, even though she didn’t know it. My love for Betty hasn’t diminished but someone else has moved into the role. Someone closer to my age and honestly, someone who’s still alive and offering examples of living authentically. (We lost Betty Dec 31, 2021.)

Jamie Lee Curtis has always been effortlessly cool. She’s been through addiction and tragedies and going “in” and “out” of Hollywood trends. But she hasn’t changed who she is. She’s not trying to be anyone’s icon or life-lessons leader and that makes her particularly attractive to me. While I enjoy Brene Brown and Mel Robbins and others, I love a little Jamie Lee in my life. She simply lives the way she has learned is best and gets on with it.

So, on this Friday, I’d like to share some video from a recent interview she did that I found particularly powerful. I’ve shared the video to begin after she talks about her new children’s book and gets to the heart of getting older. It goes off to other things at about the 6:10 mark. Enjoy.

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  1. JLC. Oh my. She looks so perfect & perfectly natural. I think it’s impossible not to admire her. She seems so honest and upfront and genuine, that she must make people feel very comfortable when they are with her. I wonder if she would like a couple of new friends from Ontario?

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